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Awaken Your God Potential
using Ritual and Decrees

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Higher Consciousness teachings helping align you with your True Self.

You learn to use the Science of the Spoken Word® in daily ritual including using the violet flame to balance karma.


You balance karma while building your body of light until you are your Highest Self.

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John Doe UI/UX Designer

I Witness to the Miracles of God

“….how grateful I am to you, Mother, for having brought us the Masters’ instructions on how to make calls for cutting free these precious souls who are trapped by vicious forces beyond their control. It is certainly one of life’s greatest joys to be able to make the calls, to see the answers and witness the miracles of God.  All my love,”

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“….A few weeks after I started decreeing, I received instruction from the Ascended Masters that I was not to defile my body with cigarette smoking. I stopped immediately and have been enjoying freedom from that addiction for more than fifteen months.….In Love, I AM”

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