How to Honor Mother

Honor Mother

There are two Mothers to honor on Mother’s day.

  • One is your biological mother, the one who brought you into the world with the opportunity to grow, to be, to live, to learn and to excel.

Honor Your Spiritual Mother

Honor mother is also to acknowledge is the Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother is both micro-cosmic (within you) and macro-cosmic (everywhere manifest).

What is meant by microcosmic is that you have both four lower bodies and a soul. Your four lower bodies change from life to life; but your soul is ‘the living potential of God.’

Honor Mother, Honor Your Self

You are in fact, the mother of your self. Loving your self is a commandment. And how many of us talk negatively, not only to our self, but also to everyone else. Getting that negative self talk under control, self correcting your thoughts as soon as you recognize one, can be a great help.

If your thoughts create your world, what world are you creating?

  • When you love your self,
  • you think positively,
  • your emotions are in balance and
  • you eat the foods and the diet
  • best for your body.

Your soul is the one part of you traveling with you from lifetime to lifetime.  Perhaps the greatest one to honor is your soul. Do you have a good working relationship with your soul?

In the book: The Story of Your Soul, Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives 7 keys for your soul’s journey:

  • Forgive yourself
  • Forgive others
  • Make friends in heaven
  • Learn while your body sleeps
  • Be aware of the not self
  • Work on your psychology
  • Talk with God.

Learn how to love your self, how to love your soul. Honor Mother within and without to create the balance for you and your soul.

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