Healing Your Heart Chakra

heart chakra

Keys to Chakra Healing

The only way to liberate the soul force and to chakra healing is by the light you have anchored in the central chakra, your heart chakra. The heart is the seat of all life, all living, all giving, all healing, all energy received from God. Your heart receives light which is then distributed to all other chakras.

The light comes over the crystal cord from the heart of the I AM Presence and goes directly to the heart, which distributes it to the three chakras above the heart, three chakras below, making a total of seven, plus the eighth chakra, the secret chamber of the heart.

A chakra is a vortex of light—light flowing out and light flowing in.
In the release of the action of Alpha, or Spirit, energy flows out, whereas
the action of the Mother draws light into the chakras.
The energy of the Mother comes from the base of the spine chakra.

The energy flowing in and out turns the wheels of the chakras and creates a basket-weave effect. Ultimately, with perfected chakras as vortices of light, you could be able to live on prana (in an ideal world).

At every moment the crystal clear stream of life descends to you from your God-Source in its natural rhythm. This energy is distributed first to your heart chakra and then to your other chakras. This is the life-force that beats your heart, gives you the impetus to grow and evolve, and energizes the organs and systems of your body.

You always have free will. You can
1) express this energy in a positive way or you can
2) act out of sync with your spiritual nature.

These choices have consequences. When you use energy to think, feel or act in ways that are positive, you attract to yourselves more positive energy, as if you are priming the pump.

How You Create Illness and Disease in Yourself

When you mold energy in ways that are not true to your inner nature, you create mental and emotional toxins that block energy flow. Just as physical toxins and substances build up in your arteries and veins choking off the vital supply of blood, so mental and emotional toxins collect energetically in and around your chakras and inhibit the free flow of energy within you.

Because each chakra externalizes the energy it receives through a different gland and area of the body, these blockages affect your health, causing you to become fatigued, depressed, ill or you just can’t seem to get where you want to go in life.

  • Overstimulating a chakra – by placing continual stress on it,
  • Under-stimulating it – by ignoring it and letting it become weak, or
  • Depleting its natural vitality – by unwisely expending its energy

all create blockages in your body’s energetic system.

Since your energy centers are interconnected, what happens is one chakra affects your entire energy system. If any one center is blocked, it can throw the rest of the system off kilter.

Not only that, but the condition of your chakras impacts those you interact with. That’s because the energy of your chakras colors and helps create the electromagnetic forcefield, or aura, that surrounds you.

This energy field interpenetrates and influences the energy field of those around you–for better or for worse. You know how it feels to be around someone who is kind, cheerful and loving in comparison to someone who is depressed or grouchy. Either way, it can be contagious.

Over time you can learn how to recognize when an energy center, a chakra is blocked and how to clear that block to increase your own vitality and your ability to help others.

Decrees for Chakra Healing

I AM a blazing sun, O God,
My heart is a blazing sun, O God.   (3x)

My Heart is a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Heart is the Purity God Desires! (3x)

O Love of God, immortal Love,
Enfold all in thy ray,
Send compassion from above
To raise them all today!
In the fullness of thy power,
Shed thy glorious beams
Upon the earth and all thereon
Where life in shadow seems!
Let the Light of God blaze forth
To cut men free from pain;
Raise them up and clothe them, God,
With thy mighty I AM name!

adapted from Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 43  No. 49.

A little Love goes a Long Way