The Highest Frequency You Realize in the Physical Plane is Through the Etheric Body

etheric fire body

Master Fire Energy through Etheric Body

In order to master the flow of God’s energy through your seven chakras, consider the mastery of the four elements; fire, air, water, and earth, as planes of God’s consciousness. For by the mastery of the four elements, you will then gain the mastery of the flow of energy through the four lower bodies as these bodies serve as coordinates for the establishment of the aura of God around the soul.

The four elements are merely word matrices used to define the planes of God’s Self-awareness that you are capable of realizing through your four lower bodies.

Your Etheric Body is to Realize Yourself as Sacred Fire

…. the etheric body is the vehicle for the fire element and for your realization of God’s awareness of himself as the sacred fire.

The highest frequencies that you are capable of realizing in the planes of Mater are focused through this etheric body.

The etheric, or memory, body contains:

  • the record of your soul’s evolution in the causal body in the planes of Spirit prior to its descent into Mater (the physical plane) and
  • the record of all of its experiences in the lower octaves after the descent.

It is through the heart chakra, where the ascending and descending triangles converge, that your soul learns to exercise the sacred fire and its uses both in the planes of Spirit and in the planes of Mater.

By the fire of the heart, you learn the mastery of the etheric cycles of the cosmos that spiral through the etheric body. And by the energies of the heart you weave the deathless solar body. This is the body into which the etheric body is transformed once your karmic cycles have been fulfilled.

Thus our God who is a consuming fire can be experienced in the planes of Mater through your heart chakra. And it is the threefold flame anchored in the hidden chamber of the heart that conveys this aspect of the mastery of the Christ consciousness to your soul.
Adapted from Djwal Kul. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 17 No. 43.

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