Inner Power of Your Heart – Key to Life

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You access the experience of God or Higher power within the inner power of your heart. Your greatest inner strength and potential is through the inner power in your heart. Your heart can provide you with empowerment, balance and fulfillment.

Your heart is the link to divine potential because a spiritual flame, an essence of God is within your heart. This presence of God in your heart is the Threefold Flame.

The Inner Power of your Heart is Love

The energy of love is the power
flowing throughout and connecting all of us,
all of life.
Love is the energy used by God to create everything.

You draw your heart’s wisdom into your awareness as you
relax your mind and listen to your inner heart feelings.

You can receive answers for big and small choices
you might need to make in your life.
This is what is called the still small voice.
It is the inner voice which,
when you listen and tune in,
will guide and direct you to
right decisions every time.

Your heart is a fountain of knowledge and
balanced suggestions,
so the key is knowing how to use it.

Determine Consciously Where Your Energy Goes

Consciously or not, you determine where your energy goes. How you direct your heart’s power is your decision.

Your heart contains an unlimited source for making the best choices for your life.

This source is your Threefold Flame.

The threefold flame within your heart embodies the same qualities of love, wisdom, and power found in the heart of God.

The threefold flame supplies

  • Power to run your body
  • Wisdom to nourish your mind and
  • Love to fulfill your destiny.
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The Three Fold Flame

Learn how to manage your mental, emotional and physical energies from your heart, then you can easily connect with your higher power and intelligence. You have a tie to the Presence of God in your heart.

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A little Love goes a Long Way