You are in Embodiment to Pursue Excellence

pursue excellence; spiritual journey

Your Divine Plan Requires Effort

There are O so many lifestreams upon earth who know they have a definite assignment, a divine plan, a mission, and a calling. And they even know what it is. But because it is difficult, it requires effort, application, and they know there is opposition to it or persecution they say, “Well, let someone else do that job. I will take this one,” not realizing that [in so saying] they back down the stepladder of initiation three or four steps [and] take [the] easy way [out; thus they] leave [a] vacancy at the [step they should occupy] where they should be mastering life, with the excuse that “someone else will do it.”

And, in fact, no one else does do it. And there is one more hole in the mighty veil of the Cosmic Virgin, which is the matrix for all life on earth. [Did you know that] a filigree veil of magnificent design worn by the Cosmic Virgin portrays the life pattern for all souls in the Matter cosmos?

Pursue Excellence to Transcend Your Past

Beloved ones, there is a divine plan. And the task that is yours and yours alone is difficult. It must be difficult. It is given to you in order that you may transcend your last life or the activities of a decade ago. You are here in embodiment to pursue the calling of excellence. You must overcome. It is the law of cosmos. This is spiritual evolution. Your soul must increase in magnitude, putting on greater Light and Wisdom.

You will not get this [God Self-Mastery] by performing the task you have done for the past ten embodiments, which is easy, requires no thought, no effort. You can cease to think, cease to create, and almost cease to be [while you continue to] perform that same task [over and over again] and [you] say to yourself: “I’m earning enough money to support my family. Everything’s OK in my life. Here I am. I don’t have to worry about war. I don’t have to worry about planetary conditions. Those are not my problem. I am here safe in my little house and I can do what I will do and I can enjoy myself and have good times with my friends and my children.”

You see, beloved ones, the effort that must be expended to perform the mission is the same effort that must be expended to win the next level of initiation.

Omri-Tas. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 27 No. 50a

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