About Ascended Master Teachings

Learn About The Teachings
Lost and Long Forbidden to You…


Key Ascended Masters’ Teachings

Learn about The Ascended Master Teachings. . .
These Teachings contain
secret and forbidden knowledge
hidden from the masses for eons. . .
hidden from you and from me. . .

Only the highest adepts had access to the Masters.
Learn about this path. . .
how to accelerate your consciousness
into higher planes and
win your ascension. . .

  • Do you want a clear spiritual path?
  • Are you looking for higher consciousness?
  • Do you want to learn how to win your ascension?
  • Do you want to learn about the teachings of the Ascended Masters. . .
  • Join us and explore. . .

You can Find the Teachings, You can Live the Teachings

This Spiritual Path and Teachings from the Ascended Masters
have been set down from the Ascended Masters through the Messengers,
Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet of The Summit Lighthouse.

The Messengers were charged with publishing the teachings about the spiritual path
and making the information easily available.

So what was once hidden, is now accessible for all people.

This has not always been so, and
should the information be misused,
may be withdrawn and hard to find once again.

Are You Willing to Change and Open Your Heart?

The Ascended Masters will work with you
if you are willing to change,
to open your heart and mind as
you pursue this higher calling.

You can change and become your Higher Self.
You can walk the earth and be an example of a Christed one.
Jesus, with other known Masters such as Buddha,
set the example of the person you can be.

It is possible provided you are willing to do the work. . .
We are Sons and Daughters, children of God!

It is up to you to claim your mantle of Light. . .

Details of the Ascended Masters’ Teachings are available now:

  • Keys to Spiritual Laws
  • How you access the etheric plane
  • How to dwell there while in embodiment
  • Keys to winning your ascension
  • and myriad other details

It is up to you…

You can access the lost and forbidden secrets of the ascended masters
through this portal: The Ascended Masters Teachings,
through The Summit Lighthouse,
in the multiple books and publications of The Summit Lighthouse and
a few other places of true ascended master teachings.

Be careful though, as there are false teachings.
You must have discernment. . .

Here on this blog are articles, videos and stories about
how the teachings of the ascended masters have improved lives,
how it is possible to be grounded in higher reality while living on earth and
what are the steps to grow on your spiritual path. . .

Contacting Hearts of Light

The Mission is to contact hearts of Light actively searching for a spiritual path of higher consciousness.

The world wide Community of Lightbearers
must be strong to stand up to the presence of evil on earth.

When you understand your high and holy calling,
you can take a stand and know what to do about entrenched evil and evil doers.

But first you begin with yourself,
becoming strong in Spirit and
being so well protected you can take a stand against evil – the Energy Veil.

You can do this!

My Story – Seeking to Find Meaning in Life

Did you search for your purpose in life? Me too.

Once I found the teachings after many years of exploring different spiritual paths,
I was so happy and quickly pursued the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

This is a path you can follow all the days of your life. . .

It takes time to become adept and to put into practice what you learn.

Now my desire is to pass on what I have learned over the years and help seekers in the online community.

The ability to share what I have learned is a source of great joy.

The ancient laws of spirituality have not changed.

It takes time and effort to grow and to change. . .

The easiest and best method is using the teachings of the ascended masters and their assistance.

Nothing contained in or accessible from this blog should be considered as spiritual advice or a promise of benefits, legal warranty, or guarantee of results to be achieved.