Keys to The
Ascended Masters

Greetings and WELCOME to the
Teachings of your Real Self.

We are so glad you are here!

If you have been searching, seeking for answers,
wondering if there is any way to change things,
to transform the seeming endless troubles….

Let me share with you
the Teachings from our
dearest teachers and best friends,
the Ascended Masters.

These Masters have won their victory and
ascended into heaven,
never again to embody in human form.

Do you accept the law of karma and of reincarnation?
If so, come explore these teachings
for they hold keys for you –
to win your Victory, too…

Want to Control Your “Monkey Mind”?

Top Ten Tools to Accelerate Higher Consciousness

You have extraordinary opportunities right now
to make progress on your spiritual path and
to rise above this worldly culture. . .

Using self discipline you can learn
to put on higher consciousness,
to balance your karma and
to ascend back to your God Self.

The ascended masters teach a spiritual path of initiation. . .

Learn how to pursue your Christ consciousness,
to overcome the limitations of your lower self and
to attain reunion with your God Presence in
the Ritual of the Ascension. . .

The following are Practices to Use on your Spiritual Path:

  1. Spoken Word

The ascended masters teach you the Science of the Spoken Word.

This Art and Science is key to access the Power of God.

This art combines

  • prayer,
  • mantras,
  • affirmations,
  • meditation and
  • visualization into Dynamic Decrees.

When you pray, you communicate with God and request his help.
When you meditate, you commune with God.
Decrees are spoken petitions to God and
commands for the will of God to manifest. . .


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