To Spiritual Seekers Desiring a Path to Higher Consciousness

A spiritual seeker is anyone drawn to the inner mysteries of life. Is this you?

Are you searching for the deeper meaning behind your life experiences and want to know the why – why is this particular thing happening to me?

Do you look around and believe there must be more answers than the ones supplied by orthodox religions, schools and the internet? (And now AI).

A spiritual seeker is looking for the ways to transcend whatever might hold them back from deeper experiences of higher knowledge, of inner wisdom about themselves and the world.

A spiritual seeker knows they have something special to do with their life, and usually need to search to determine exactly what is that special thing. They have a specific reason for being, a life purpose they know they have to fulfill.

A spiritual seeker wants to help others. A seeker is aware of the need to serve, to help and to increase awareness.

They want to find like minded brothers and sisters, others who are also walking a path seeking higher awareness.

The spiritual seeker wants to know they are not alone and there are others who also want to grow in grace, in illumination and in wisdom in order to help the world.


The Spiritual Seeker is Searching for:

  • Answers to the Mysteries of Life
  • A Community of like minded people
  • Ways to Grow in Self-knowledge while learning
  • How to Help others and
  • Walking a Path to Higher Consciousness – the Inner Awareness of Cosmic Life.

The Spiritual Seeker accepts that to grow in self-awareness means serving others.

We Serve FIRST

We serve ourselves, we serve others, we serve the world.

This is a key to balancing our personal karma – the daily round of life experiences which may be troubling and challenging as they teach us lessons in how to improve ourselves.

Here is a Simple Formula for Self-Transcendence:

Spiritual work: prayer, spoken prayer, group services and meditation.
A Community of Like Minded People: for support, reinforcement and expansion
A Life Purpose which fulfills: the Right Reason to be doing your Right Livelihood.

Are You Ready for such a Path?

A Path to Reaching Higher Consciousness, to Inner Awareness, to Expanded Wisdom

Mission of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters

We serve those pursuing higher consciousness using the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

We help Seekers:

  • Learn the basics for profound spiritual growth.
  • Introduce and demonstrate the practices for personal spiritual expansion.
  • Navigate the stumbling blocks to becoming the best you.

Come Explore Reaching for Higher Consciousness. Join Us & Learn More Here.

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