About Key Ascended Master Teachings

Learn about the Teachings Lost and Long Forbidden to You…

These teachings contain secret and forbidden knowledge
hidden from the masses for eons…
hidden from you and me…
In the past only the highest adepts had access to the Ascended Masters –
Our truest and best teachers.

The Masters teach us
How to accelerate into higher planes of consciousness
what you must do to win your ascension
so you
never have to re-embody again…

  • Are you ready for a dynamic spiritual path?
  • Are you a higher wisdom seeker, searching for higher consciousness
  • Do you want to learn how to win your ascension?
  • If you want to learn more…

Join us in exploring theses ancient truths…

You can Find the Truth, You can Live the Teachings

This spiritual path has been set down from the Ascended Masters through
the Messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet in
the Summit Lighthouse.

The messengers were charged with publishing the teachings and
making these teachings available to everyone.

And what was once hidden is now accessible to you and me…

For a time…

It is up to you to claim your mantle of Light…

Details of the Ascended Masters Teachings are available now:

  • Keys to the Spiritual Laws
  • How to Access the Etheric Plane
  • How to dwell there while living in the world
  • Keys to winning your ascension

Contacting Hearts of Light

The mission is to contact hearts of light who
are ready to take action and
are ready to take the first steps on this path…

When you understand your high and holy calling, first you begin with yourself…

You can do this!

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