Angels are Your Helpers
Sent from God

Their assignment is to help you according to God’s Will. God sends angels as helpers for every task and project you have. Angels are just a thought away, they are always with us when you send them loving thoughts and feelings.

In other words, anything and everything you

  • ask,
  • pray for,
  • think about,
  • write about,
  • request in any form
  • can be fulfilled by and through the work of angels.

The one qualifier is whether it is within the will of God. Angels will not do anything not in line with God’s will.

How do You Know What is God’s Will?

  • Is it good, helpful, kind, and any other virtue of goodness (godliness)?
  • Then it is God’s Will.
  • Does it help others? – Then it is God’s Will.

You always know in your heart when you are not acting well towards others. It is those times you step outside of the Will of God and his goodness.

Angels are Your Servants, They Help with Everything

They will help you accomplish all tasks, work, projects. What ever you need to get your work done, an angel or more than one will help you. You are the physical vessel, the angel works as the heavenly vessel to get the work done.

How can You Get Their Help?

It’s easy – ask them.

The easiest way to get their attention is to ask for their help out loud. You can ask in the form of a prayer, a song, a letter (that you burn), or a request made out loud. All these ways let the angels know you want their help.

Some people can see angels. Some of us see them sometimes, usually in times of need. Angels will comfort you, heal you, get you out of dangerous situations, take you to higher planes for service outside your physical body during sleep.

The more love you give, the more you dwell in your heart, the more you can be loving and kind towards others, the more the angels want to help you. These dear beings of God respond best to those in whom love dwells.

And you will know the Love of God and His Angels.

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