Are Angels with us – Yes, to offer angelic help continually, to answer your prayers and to help as much as possible, according to God’s Will. So the answer is – YES! Angels are with us and can be with us all the time, however, you must ask for their help.

Angels are of the heaven, live on another plane called the etheric plane but can be seen, and will hear your requests for help and your prayers.

Are angels with us

This a wonderful picture from the fifteenth century-Tobias and the Angels- by Botticini. It demonstrates how it is possible to have a direct relationship with holy angels. You can see Tobias holding the hand of Raphael, with Gabriel on the right and Michael on the left. Tobias is very comfortable being in the presence of these angels walking down the road and having a conversation.

It can be this way with you, too. Anyone can have angels as friends and confidants. They will comfort you, heal you and help you get closer to God. Angels will be with you in answer to your prayers.

A personal angel story took place when I was very new on this spiritual path. I went to a service and was directed to sit in the front row. There was no one else sitting in the front and I was feeling a bit lonely. Then a lovely large angel took a seat right next to me. Immediately I felt very comforted and loved and was fine after that happened.

Angels are ‘angles’ of God’s consciousness. They will bring you energies such as hope, love, forgiveness, compassion, loving kindness, patience, constancy and all the qualities you need to have be successful in life.

I find myself talking with my angels every day. I invite them along to whatever I am doing during the day. I always give them the choice whether to come or not, because they may have other assignments.

Angels are much like us in that they too have work to do and things to accomplish. We can help them by being better people, being kinder, helping others. They can help you balance your karma which comes in the form of daily tests and initiations.

If you can walk and talk and feel comfortable with angels, that is exactly what God intends. He wants you to have a personal relationship with angels every day of your life. For when you have this wonderful relationship, angels will always be with you.

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