Meditation on Your Heart

Now, enter the heart chamber. As you begin your heart meditation, visualize a sphere in the center of the diaphragm, in the center of  your chest. The sphere is the size of a large marble. It is white, glistening white, translucent.

Visualize yourself entering this sphere, entering into a large room, a large round room. There you are seated in a white robe, meditating upon the threefold flame. You see the brilliant sapphire-blue plume, God-power released to you as energy for qualification. You see the brilliant yellow in the center and the pink to the right and the blue to the left. See them equal and blazing, the action of a fire burning, a roaring fire.

The threefold flame now intensifies, increases, magnetizes the light of the Central Sun.

The base of the threefold flame is the white sphere. It is the energy of the Mother, a replica of the base chakra. It is the sphere of purity that releases the power of the Trinity of the Father as blue, the Son as yellow and the Holy Spirit as pink.

We adore thy face, O Cosmic Virgin, within the center of the white sphere at the base of the threefold flame. See the action of the intensification of your chakras from your I AM Presence to this heart chakra. The I AM Presence is releasing this energy over the crystal cord. Feel the warmth within your chest cavity.

As you feel the energies intensifying in the heart, building up as though a balloon were being blown up inside of you, release the energy. Feel it go out from the heart to bless all life. As the energy projects out from the heart it is the Alpha current. As the chakra is turning, the energy that was released forms a vortex of fire that appears as a whirling sun over the heart. The whirling sun releases energy, as David proclaimed: “My cup runneth over!” God is filling your heart with more wisdom, more love, more power than you require, for it is given to nourish a planet and a people.

In the name of the Christ, we call for the sealing of the heart chakra in a sphere of blue for the protection of Archangel Michael around the energies of the heart. Let light flow. Let light flow.

Adapted from Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 43 No. 49

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