Co-Create with God using Decrees

Because you are a Child of God, you have the power to co-create with Him.
You can be the spiritual warrior and take a stand for your freedom and for the freedom of others.

The easiest way to be the spiritual warrior is to begin giving decrees, using the power of the spoken word.

We have created the mess we have made of our world.
We have done this because we misuse the energy of God.
This is the explanation for sudden disaster, cataclysm, cancer and the calamities happening everywhere on the earth.
It is the manifestation of returning Karma.
You see, we pay the price for all misqualified energy we have ever sent out.

If you do not pay the price willingly on your own,
The Law of Karma will exact it.
This law demonstrates that what you send out will return to you.

The law of karma is exact and it is exacting.
This means it is time for you to take responsibility for your energy – your thoughts, words, deeds and actions.

However, There is a solution and a resolution for karma and negative energy….

It is possible to undo all past discords, dislikes and negative energies before they return to your doorstep as karma.

You change your karma by giving violet flame decrees.
The energy of any misqualified emotion or energy you have ever sent out can and must
be transmuted by Love through giving violet flame decrees.
Please understand what an amazing miracle this is.
We have the ability to change what might happen to us, our returning karma,
because we give violet flame decrees in love.
So, let’s learn how to do this.


Putting it Together: How to Use Decrees

Now you can begin experimenting with the science of the spoken Word.

1. Before you start, determine what you want. Focus on the one thing you would like to change about yourself or your situation.

This is your personal alchemy, when you start to determine what needs to change.

2. Begin giving decrees for 15” a day in your sacred space in front of your altar.

3. How to Sit: When you begin the Science of the Spoken Word, the reverent mode is to sit with your feet flat on the floor.
Have your spine erect in honor of the God flame within you.
Separate your hands and put them in a cupped position on your lap in the receptive mode of receiving.

4. Give a prayer or an invocation naming where you want to direct the light-energy.

5. Center in your heart, withdraw all your energy from the outside world.

6. Then choose a decree.

7. Speak the decree with love and devotion. Begin slowly and at the normal pitch of your speaking voice.
Endow each word with intense love, keeping in mind your chosen visualization.

Speaking the decree slowly allows you to achieve a deep, heartfelt communion with God. As you repeat the decree, you can gradually increase both the speed and pitch.

8. Repeat the decree three or nine times to begin with.
When you’re ready, you can increase repetitions. As you repeat a decree, you’ll feel it take on a natural rhythm.

9. The rhythm gives a decree power.
The rhythm sets up a vibratory pattern and sends the light you invoke across the planet.

To learn the proper rhythm, tone and speed with which to decree, you can practice decreeing with CDs or YouTube videos published by The Summit Lighthouse.

When you are able to decree even 15” a day, it can make a difference in your mental outlook, your physical condition and in your relationships.

Try the science of the spoken Word. See what the light can do for you.


So, the first thing to learn is violet flame decrees. Here is a short video as Elizabeth Clare Prophet introduces the violet flame.

How to Use the Violet Flame Daily – Saint Germain’s Mantra

I AM a Being of Violet Fire I AM the Purity God Desires!

Why You Want to Use Violet Flame

The violet flame is the greatest revelation and the greatest gift given to us from the Master, Saint Germain.

The violet flame is the most physical of all seven spiritual rays.
The violet flame is like a spiritual soap. It washes you clean in the same way soap gets the dirt out of your clothes.

It is closest in vibratory action to the physical plane.
Because of this it can combine with any particle of matter, wave of light, electron or electricity.

It can be used as the antidote for food poisoning, chemical waste, pollution of drugs and any other toxins affecting you.

When you recite violet-flame decrees, the violet light transmutes anything negative lodged anywhere in your spiritual or physical being.

This includes everything from emotional self-hatred to physical viruses.
The violet flame contacts your karma and changes it for the better.

This is what happens when you give violet flame decrees:

First this violet-flame stream charges your whole body and mind with the healing power of the violet ray.

Then it flows through your chakras.
You bless everyone you meet with this energy.

You can feel the love of God, the happiness and joy of the violet flame when you give violet flame decrees.

When your energy flows freely, you feel peaceful, healthy and creative. When it is blocked, you don’t feel as light, vibrant and peaceful.

Blocked energy – whether emotional, unresolved karma or negative experiences you are holding on to – affect your physical and emotional well-being, your spiritual progress, and the events and people moving in and out of your life.

On a spiritual level, the action of the violet flame is to help you achieve self–transformation.

The violet flame is a high-frequency spiritual energy able to separate the “base” elements of your human consciousness from the gold of your True Self.

And the very best time to give the spoken word in decrees is at the opening and the closing of your day.

Anytime you begin a decree session, Do these things:
1. Give an invocation – you direct where you want the energy to go.
2. Give the Tube of Light Decree.
3. Protect yourself and your energy using decrees for protection.
4. Give violet flame decrees.
5. Add other decrees you feel are important.
6. Seal the energies when you are done.

Thank you for being in the world! Let your light shine before all people.

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