Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit

When you confess, then you can receive more of the Holy Spirit.

List of the Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit:
Diverse kinds of Tongues; Interpretation of Tongues;
Word of Knowledge; Word of Wisdom; Prophecy;
Faith in God’s Will; Healing; Working of Miracles;
Discerning of Spirits.

Simple Definitions of the Nine Gifts:
Diverse kinds of Tongues: the ability to talk to all types of people.
Interpretation of Tongues: the ability to understand all types of people.
Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom: the power of the Word is the basis of all other gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Prophecy: Hearing and speaking the Word of God.
Faith in God’s Will: All that happens serves a higher purpose.
Healing: Alignment with God, the Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, beginning in the Etheric body and precipitating down through all four lower bodies.
Working of Miracles: the beneficial evolution of seemingly instantaneous change.
Discerning of Spirits: Does this energy (do you) serve/reflect the Living Christ Consciousness?

Five Senses of the Soul

“Let those who would let their tongues be the instrument of the desire of the Holy Ghost as well as of the Father and the Son now take up the tongue as the instrument of the Mother’s sacred fire.
For the power of the Word is the basis for all other gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • even the Word of wisdom and the Word of knowledge, and
  • faith that moves mountains by the spoken Word, and
  • the gifts of healing that come by the authority of the Word of Christ, and
  • the miracles that manifest by the alchemy of the Word, and
  • the prophecy that extends edification, exhortation, and comfort by the power of the Word, and
  • the discerning of spirits by the sharp sword that proceeds out of the mouth of the Faithful and True.”
    Sanat Kumara. (1979). Pearls of Wisdom, V22N43.
Holy Spirit

Absence of Confession Blocks the Holy Spirit

The Maha Chohan said a major block to receiving the Holy Spirit is an absence of true confession.

In true confession you write whatever is on your mind that burdens you, even psychological problems, unresolved childhood memories, and so forth. You would benefit by writing a confession letter and burning it before Pentecost Sunday to receive more of the Holy Spirit. Thereafter you are encouraged to keep current with your confessions in the same manner.

Catholics go to confession every Saturday and do their penance prior to receiving communion on Sunday because it is not lawful to partake of communion if you have not confessed your sins.

“Every sin stands between you and the Holy Spirit,” Mother said. “And the further you go on the path, the more the bright light of God shines on you and the more you think something was a sin that you might not have thought was a sin before.”

Self-Examination: Have I Dropped Below the Level of the Heart?

Saint Germain and Gautama Buddha urged us to prepare for Pentecost by taking a closer look at ourselves.

Saint Germain said the greatest weakness is allowing ourselves to drop beneath the level of the Christ consciousness of the heart. When we do this, he said, we become separated from the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood:


  • Be able to diagnose yourself through the doctor Gautama Buddha,
  • through your own Christ Self,
  • to take note when there is that subtle descent and
  • you are no longer in the full glory and joy of your Christ Self.

This does not mean you are in a state of gaiety or overflowing with happiness to the point of not being on guard. You can have the full awareness of the Christ and be balanced.

But take heed. There does lurk in everyone who is yet of the unascended consciousness those snares and traps of the soul herself.

Saint Germain cautioned us to be more aware in our interchanges with one another and to be certain that we are trusting only the God within.

He said that if we are relating to the outer person, we will have many ups and downs in our relationships. But when we connect with the God Reality of another, then we can raise them up:
“You may raise and comfort the mighty as well as the lowly. You may be the embodiment of the Comforter.

“This I bring to you, beloved, as you approach the celebration of Pentecost this month. O, beloved hearts, to be one with the Maha Chohan this is a great calling indeed.”

Mother added we cannot maintain a level of consciousness at the heart of our Christ Self, at the heart of our Threefold Flame, if our body is sick, if we have psychological problems, if we are depressed, angry or resentful.

These long-standing issues must be addressed in therapy.

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