Many years ago I began to set up a personal altar, a sacred space in my home. It was very simple and very small. I had a statue, a candle, a crystal and I might place flowers there.

This was a long time before I found the teachings and the teacher I had been looking for. It was as though my soul was instructing me in a basic understanding of an area everyone benefits from when a sacred space is created in their home.

Why Create a Sacred Space. . .

The purpose of a sacred space is to be the place where you can withdraw from the concerns and activities of the rest of your life. This is the place where you center, you re-align your energies and you attune with your Higher Self. The sacred space is where you go to meditate, to pray, to center in your heart, to talk with God. You can re-align your energies away from the world and towards the spiritual much easier when you have a sacred space, an altar set up in your home. We who actively pursue our teachers, the Ascended Masters, create an altar in our home.

You set up and create your own altar.

The altar can be small, in a corner or a closet. A closet might be preferable because you can close the door and withdraw when needed. . . Any area where you set up this sacred space is acceptable. I usually assign a small room in my house as my personal chapel, or sacred space. It is here where I set up my altar. Your altar is the place where you alter yourself. Your altar is your sacred space— It is the place to go when you want to “alter”— to change and to transformation yourself. This sacred space begins to feel more and more sacred as you use it for its intended purpose, to re-align and to center with your Higher Self, the sacred space where you connect to your heart.
Chakra visualization

Connect to Your Heart

            Your Altar is Sacred “Visualize the secret chamber of your heart, a beautiful altar set by your Holy Christ Self and high priest. It is a magnificent altar…. then let the beauty and holiness of that secret chamber become the holy standard for the external altar. Beloved Lord Maitreya. Pearls of Wisdom, V35, N42 (July 4, 1992). Should you desire to set up a complete Altar in your home, Oromasis and Diana gave full instructions about how to do this:

To Set Up an Altar in Your Home

  1. Cover a table or dresser with a white cloth, preferably linen.
  2. Hang the Chart of Your Divine Self centered above the altar with the Charles Sindelar portraits of
  3. Saint Germain and Jesus Christ to the right and left. ?(These are also available as part of a five-panel portable altar, which includes pictures of Kuthumi and El Morya.)
  4. Place a cut-glass or crystal chalice or a simple bowl at the center of the altar and
  5. a candle on either side.
  6. You may wish to add pieces of amethyst or natural quartz crystal,
  7. a Bible and representative
  8. The books of the Law—Climb the Highest Mountain, The Lost Years of Jesus, The Lost Teachings of Jesus I and II.
  9. Place a framed photograph of Mark L. Prophet on Jesus’ side of the altar and
  10. one of Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saint Germain’s side. Oromasis and Diana. Pearls of Wisdom, V47, N50 (2004).
“By virtue of the Ascended Masters’ presence, the altar is a place of tremendous spiritual power. The items you place on your altar become Focuses of Light and should be suitable chalices for that spiritual power— they should be able to hold great light—as pure crystals are capable of doing. Adorn your altar with spiritually significant items such as candles, crystals, flowers or plants. Add pictures or statues of the Ascended Masters, saints, Buddhas or angels. Include photographs of those for whom you are praying. A crystal bowl or goblet will serve as a chalice to focus God’s light on your altar.” Elizabeth Clare Prophet, lecture.

High Altar, The Summit Lighthouse in Montana

Balanced Proportions and Colors on Your Altar

Seek external balance on your altar where you focus your attention. Balance the height, number, and size of items on the left side of the altar with the height, number, and size of those on the right. This can have a satisfying, calming and elevating effect on your consciousness. . . When you care for your altar (when you dust, vacuum and keep the altar clean), it will sustain Light and a high vibration. Both altar set-up and altar care are intended to anchor, to magnify and preserve Light and to lift your consciousness. The colors on your Altar Reflect and follow the colors of your Causal Body. The Causal Body is the Spheres of color surrounding your God Presence At the top of the Chart of the Presence – The center picture above your altar. . .

The Summit Lighthouse Portable Altars

“I have held in my heart the dream of presenting you with the portable altar. . . My idea of a portable altar is something you carry with you in your car. And if you go out into the woods or into a mountain or anywhere you go, you take out your altar and you set it up. “And when you close the altar, it says on the back of Jesus, I AM THAT I AM, and on the back of Saint Germain, AUM. On the back of the chart it says I AM THE OPEN DOOR THAT NO MAN CAN SHUT. So if you place this altar on your desk, those sitting on the other side of your desk have the handwriting on the wall to read. And, of course, it’s like a little cathedral; it has the Gothic work. And when you sit and decree with this, it gives you the opportunity to concentrate and to have that flame spring up. “I’ve noticed when I put these up in the room, … that it definitely changes the forcefield. And the reason being, as you know, wherever there is the impression of the image of the Brotherhood, the Masters and the Chart, there the energy flows.” Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The Summit Lighthouse.

The Portable Altar

Task – Go set up your altar in your home. Start simply and add to the altar as you gather items you cherish. Get the Sacred Energy flowing. . .
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