Death is not real. . .
What I am sharing today may be controversial and probably is not a usual discussion. However, I received a shock yesterday and want to share with you what I have been pondering.

I just found out someone important in my life passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly.

When I found that out I entered a state of shock, and felt as though I was not in my body. I spent the rest of the day in avoidance by shopping and emotional eating… I also prayed deeply and spent time in my heart.

The Heart Chakra & 3fold Flame

I am someone who accepts death is not real. I believe our real life is on another plane in our higher/etheric body and then in our ascended master body of light. Our real life begins when we ascend and return to God. Your real life begins when you no longer have to re-embody in this plane because you have learned your lessons and finally passed your tests well enough to qualify for the ascension.

The Ascension is Not Automatic

For those of you who think the ascension is automatic, it is not. There are requirements, initiations and tests you must pass before you win your ascension. Even though you might lay down a body many, many times, lifetime after lifetime, you take another body up and re-embody until win your ascension.

We all very strongly identify with the physical body while we dwell in it during our sojourn on the earth. So when someone passes on, It requires a time of acceptance and a necessity to pass through stages of grief when they leave us and move on from this plane.

What do I mean when I say death is not real? We have been fed a pack of lies by the liar who would separate us from our God who lives within and from the people we love by getting us to believe we never see them again. We have been fed a lie that when we lay down the physical body and there is cessation of life, that this is death. Not so.

I Accept Death is Not Real

Death is not real because your soul can never die. Lifetime after lifetime you take another body to learn your lessons, to pass your tests until finally you win your ascension because you have conquered yourself and passed all initiations.

There is a wonderful book called Cosmic Consciousness. This book was dictated by the Ascended Master Lanello right after his ascension. It is a glorious book, worthy to be read and re-read so you can assimilate his message. Lanello is known as the ‘Ever Present Guru’ because you can call on him anytime and he will answer your every request.

Here is one story of mine about beloved Lanello:
Very early on, when I first came into these teachings, I had an early morning dream. I dreamt Lanello came driving up in a large, glorious convertible. He arrived in this car to pick me up and take me away.

When I told someone about this dream, they responded that Mark Prophet (who is the ascended master Lanello) loved to drive. That dream made perfect sense to me. And it made me very happy.

(Lanello has 10,000 chelas out there, I hope you might be one of them. I believe I am very blessed and may be one of his chelas.)

I want to read to you what he wrote about death and dying. This explains far better than I can about death not being real.

That which is Born of God cannot Die

Lanello explains: quote –
“We define transition as that moment when the soul takes it leave of the physical (body) and makes the transition to the habitation of the etheric body…It is in the etheric plane that your soul remains between incarnations.
“That which is real, that which is born of God, created in the image and likeness of the flame of Life itself, cannot die. For the laws of disintegration and death do not apply to that perfect creation which God has made.” end of quote.

He goes on to explain that which must die is the consciousness of sin and the sinful sense. The creation of evil and sin happen when someone chooses to ensoul darkness, to spawn an energy veil which inhibits life, truth, love, freedom and all that is sacred and whole. It is the creations from the dweller on the threshold and the carnal mind which spawn misqualified energy.

Become a Christed One

It is this misuse of God’s energy which must cease to be. We have all created a dweller and a carnal mind. However using the tools for spiritual alignment we can be overcomers and challenge every misbegotten expression which is not of God.

I finally understood this after my most recent reading of that chapter (#3) in this book. That which we must willingly surrender and allow to die is the sinful sense in consciousness.

As you begin to merge your consciousness and being with the Christ, as you become more and more like Jesus, you put on his consciousness. And eventually you really can put aside and transcend the consciousness of sin.

That takes a lot of work. There is so much that opposes the consciousness of innocence, of the little child and of holiness.

Death is Not Real…

So, death is not real. The only real reality is of God, of love and of truth. You continue to live after your life ceases in the physical.

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