Throat Chakra - 16 Petals, brilliant blue, Key secret - power of words

Do you want to be the best you? How about learning power words? You can effect change in you, your world, your life when you correctly begin using the power of the spoken word. Learn how to get centered in your Higher Self through your heart chakra and SEE your God Presence above you. You can be your own alchemist through creating inner and outer change using violet flame decrees because you are speaking in the power of the Word.

Learn to visualize your heart chakra and the God Presence who lives in your heart and above you in your individualized Mighty I AM Presence. You are a being of great light and the presence of God really does live within you. The science of the spoken word using violet flame is the first section of the Heart, Head and Hand decree. And so you begin learning how to give a decree effectively through the science of the spoken word.

Begin by Centering in Your Heart

Close your eyes, withdraw all outer energy and bring it into your heart.

Now, see your heart chakra as a blazing sun, a fiery sphere of energy. Within this sphere is a secret chamber where your God Self dwells in you. This is where the energy of God descends and radiates out divine energy. This sacred place is the three fold flame. This tiny flame has plumes of pink, yellow and blue, each a different aspect of God as virtues of God-Love, God-Wisdom and God-Power.

You see your heart as a blazing sun with the threefold flame of pink, yellow and blue inside.

Once you are centered in your heart, then with the fingers of your mind send your consciousness up to heaven and see the Presence of your God above you. Look at the Chart of Your Divine Self, the Chart of the I AM Presence because this chart depicts you as you are intended to appear. You can dwell in the Presence of God when you keep your attention on the Presence of your God above.

Going Within Becomes a Way of Life

“The going within, then, to meditate, to pray and to use the science of the Word must become a way of life. This is because the Word is the power center of creation. The Word is power. . .

If you want to uncreate what you don’t like when you look in the mirror, you have to use the spoken Word, (power words) and use it every day. You invoke the Holy Spirit as the violet flame into your body temple.” Then you can create anything and change anything. . .

When I first discovered these teachings, it was my attempt to visualize my heart chakra and threefold flame which made me realize how much work I had to do. I could not see anything with my inner sight.

However, once I began to use the science of the spoken word every day, my entire sense of self changed. Now the ability to visualize and see with my inner eye is second nature to me and this gift grows stronger as I continue on the path using the power of the spoken word.

The Amazing Science of the Spoken Word

This science of the spoken word is an amazing science. It seems so simple but there are a number of complex things going on:

  • You take all the energy of your heart, which is a replica of your God Presence, and raise it to the point of the authority of the spoken Word in your throat chakra.
  • You use your inner eye, your third eye chakra to visualize what is happening.
  • You use your consciousness to enter into another plane of existence.
  • And you use the wisdom of your crown chakra as the full understanding of this law.

You are giving authority to your I AM Presence through your inner Christ Self to descend into your forcefield of energy, this vibrating forcefield you have created as your identity. And you are commanding that energy to flow, so you have to consciously enter into the decree. This is active meditation. . .

When you give violet flame decrees, the violet flame increases and intensifies the more you give the science of the Word. Every word you speak is qualifying the stream of energy flowing through you. The stream never stops, it’s a moving stream. It is consciousness, so you want to keep stamping it with God-consciousness.

How to Give A Decree Effectively

Anytime you begin giving decrees you want to be in reverent mode. Have you created a sacred space in your home? This is the best place to center and attune with your Higher Power, your Higher Self.

Sit in your sacred space with your feet flat on the floor and have your spine erect in honor of the God within you. Separate your hands and put them in a cupped position on your lap in the receptive mode of receiving.

Now you are sitting under your own I AM Presence and Christ Self, and you are about to begin the most important experience of every day of your life.

Discipline your mind to withdraw your attention from your extremities, all the cares of the world, all the sense of heaviness and burden. Take a deep breath, see the blazing sphere of Light of your heart chakra.

Picture yourself walking into this sphere where you see an altar upon which blazes your threefold flame. This is the flame of pink, yellow and blue, a portion of Father, Son and Holy Spirit with which the Lord God has vested you that you might live and move and have being. The threefold flame is the presence of God within you.

The Altar within Your Heart

…is where you go when you want to change. You leave a portion of yourself there, you gain a portion of God and go away a better person. This is your personal laboratory where you are an alchemist who would change. This is the place where you meet your own God Presence.

You go to your inner altar to pray, meditate and use the Science of the Spoken Word. You ask to be taught how to pray. What shall you call for? How shall you command this moving stream of energy?

Let’s begin stamping the flowing stream of energy with God consciousness by

Calling Forth the Violet Flame through the “Heart, Head and Hand Decree” Power Words. . .

We start with an invocation: ?”In the name of the Christ, I call to the Father, the I AM THAT I AM, and in his name I command.” Together:

Violet Fire, thou Love divine,
Blaze within this heart of mine!
Thou art Mercy forever true,
Keep me always in tune with you. (3x)

I AM Light, thou Christ in me,
Set my mind forever free;
Violet Fire, forever shine
Deep within this mind of mine.

God who gives my daily bread,
With Violet Fire fill my head
Till thy radiance heavenlike
Makes my mind a mind of Light. (3x)

I AM the hand of God in action,
Gaining Victory every day;
My pure soul’s great satisfaction
Is to walk the Middle Way. (3x)

Tube of Light: Your Seamless Garment

Now we give the “Tube of Light,” which is putting on the whole armor of God. This is a very joyous experience. You visualize it as the violet flame filling all of your temple.

The tube of light descends around you like a giant glass bottle. You stand in it. It’s your seamless garment. It seals you from the mass consciousness. You take on the depressions, the hatred, the war vibrations, the emotionalism of a planet, and in so doing, you lower your vibration.

So every day you put on your tube of light, the garment of light which will guard your light with responsibility. Power words Together:

Beloved I AM Presence bright,
Round me seal your Tube of Light
From Ascended Master flame
Called forth now in God’s own name.
Let it keep my temple free
From all discord sent to me.

I AM calling forth Violet Fire
To blaze and transmute all desire,
Keeping on in Freedom’s name
Till I AM one with the Violet Flame. (3x)

Now you have given a bit of violet flame and the alchemy of change has begun in you. You have learned how to center in your heart, how to visualize the threefold flame and the altar within your heart and you have tuned into the presence of God above.

I am just like you. I have made mistakes, I have made karma. I have also used these teachings and know they work. They will work for you too, just the way they work for me. You test it, and then you get more and more confident. You have to use it and experience it for yourself.

TRY it. . .

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