Effective Decrees: Words as Light

One secret power in the science of the spoken word is:
words and decrees are cups of light.
When you give a decree,
you pour your light and love into the cups of the word.
Visualize the words as images of light
moving on the conveyor belt of your mind.
Learn how to see the images for each section of
the Heart, Head and Hand decree.

Much of this teaching is taken from lectures given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet as she went around the United States and the world. Her message is timeless. This is a foundation so anyone can learn about the science of the spoken word and how to decree effectively.

What is the Science of the Spoken Word?

It is the greatest gift God has given us.
This energy goes forth from your heart to the heart of God.
You already know about the form of conversation with God
as walking and talking in prayer.
You know about meditation as a going within to your inner light.

A Third Form of Communication – The Command

There is a third form of communication.
It is the form called the command.
The command is commanding the flow of the crystal-clear river of water of life.
It is the command of energy in the Holy Spirit.

In the 45th chapter Isaiah said,
“Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel and his Maker,
Ask me of things to come concerning my sons.” That is prayer – asking.
Then he said, “And concerning the work of my hands, command ye me.” (Isa. 45.11).

God is giving you direction (through Isaiah)
you must command him
if you want to affect the work of his hands.
“The work of his hands” means God’s creation,
specifically the Matter cosmos and yourselves.

Action is always the Holy Spirit.
“Command ye me” becomes a mandate of this age.
In fact, it becomes a requirement of the law:
if you do not understand the process of the command,
you will not understand the correct exercise of the gift of free will.

Free will is never interfered with by God.
You have free will to be or not to be God.

You are Gods in the making.

You exercise your free will by qualifying his energy or consciousness.

What are you going to do about
the fact that for thousands of years
you have been misusing energy?
All of a sudden it’s on your doorstep.
You cry out to the living God,
“Deliver us from this!”

God brings forth an answer.
It’s the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
It’s invocation.
But first, you have to understand the science of the command,
which is the Science of the Spoken Word.

How to Balance Karma using the Spoken Word

The Master Saint Germain teaches you
how to use the science of the spoken word.
He teaches you how to invoke the Holy Spirit in
the baptism of the sacred fire to strip God’s energy of anger.
You take the energy of the Holy Spirit, meditate upon it, and call it forth.

You created karma
when you impressed anger upon the clear stream of God’s energy.
You can undo it.
And when that energy returns as karma,
before it burdens and destroys you,
it can be cleansed, purified and returned to the white light.
So with the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit as violet flame,
you are balancing past sins.
You are balancing past karma.

Keys to The Violet Flame

Now, the mystery, the secret is how to undo the miscreations,
how to call back anger you have sent out into the world.
The use of the Holy Spirit is the way and that is
the use of the violet flame.

You invoke violet flame energy into your temple when you say,

“In the name of Jesus Christ,
I call to the heart of the Father and
I invoke the light of the Holy Spirit as the violet flame,”

then that violet flame immediately begins to restore the balance of polarity,
Alpha-Omega or Father-Mother God.
It goes into that hatred and anger.
It begins to strip God’s energy of hatred and restore it to pure white light.

The fundamental principle you know from science is
God’s energy is neither created nor destroyed.
You can’t get rid of it by a thought.
You can’t sweep it under the rug. You can’t deny it ever exists.

When you deny,
as taught in metaphysics to deny that evil is real,
you are simply pushing that energy
to another compartment of consciousness
where it’s no longer real for your personal expression.

But that energy has to be transmuted.
And the only way it can be changed is by the Holy Spirit,
by the violet flame.

So the first order of business is
to clean up your seven chakras
because they have become clogged.
Your aura and your chakras can become the aura of the Holy Spirit
and filled with violet flame.

It will not be violet by thinking it or feeling it.
It becomes violet by invoking it,
by the command, by the Science of the Spoken Word.

To UnCreate You have to Use the Spoken Word

And why do you have to speak the Word?
Because the Word is the power center of creation.
Without the spoken Word was not anything made that was made.
If you want to uncreate what you don’t like when you look in the mirror,
you have to use the spoken Word and
use it every day, and
invoke the Holy Spirit as violet flame into your temple.
This is the way you balance karma. . .

The way you balance every jot and tittle of the Law is
to use the spoken word and invoke the Holy Spirit.
When you get up in the morning,
you discipline yourself.
You say, “I will sit under my own vine and fig tree.
I will commune with the living God because my life,
the perpetuation of my consciousness depends upon it.”

When You Decree Extend Yourself

“When you want something enough, all of the fire of your being must reach heaven. You can do it. Please remember this because decreeing halfheartedly and not with a full fervor of your being indicates you feel self-condemned and not worthy to really reach heaven and change yourself and change the world.” (Elizabeth Clare Prophet, July 1, 1995)

“Words are cups.
Into those cups you pour your light and your love.
You pour your mastery and your authority into world conditions
by using the words of the mantra or fiat as cups of light
moving on the conveyor belt of your mind.

Decrees are like a funnel of light,
they proceed out from your heart, in all directions and cover the earth.”

Let’s take up the Heart, Head and Hand decree and
begin with Forgiveness which aligns you with right energy
to resolve all your karma with other people.

Forgiveness: Erasing Past Karma

The call for forgiveness is a very important action.
It’s the law of resolution.
You begin in your immediate environment,
your family, your loved ones, your experiences in this life, unresolved experiences.
As you begin to contemplate and love every part of God,
especially anyone you have wronged and anyone who has wronged you,
there wells up within you an intense desire and love.

When you make this command of “I AM forgiveness acting here,”
there propels from your heart sphere upon sphere of love energy,
including the forgiveness flame, the violet flame.
These spheres of energy go forth from you on pinions,
on wings of light in the action of Alpha and Omega.
Forgiveness is the beginning of solving all national and international problems.

So you give this every morning with intense love. Together:

I AM Forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic Victory.

I AM calling in full power
For Forgiveness every hour;
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving Grace.

Next, we will complete
the Heart, Head and Hand decree
in the full power of the spoken word.


The power of the spoken word lies in you.
When you center in your heart
then give the decree with devotion and power,
you can change your world.

A decree is a command to effect change in your world.
The spoken word is the power center of creation.
Giving violet flame decrees helps balance your karma.
The power of change increases when you use visualization as you give decrees.

Use decrees.
Try it.
See what can happen when you add devotion as the spoken word
to your spiritual practices.
What changes have you experienced when you added decrees to your world?
Send me an email, let me know. . . Or join the FB group and let everyone know. . .

Salutation To The Sun & I AM Light Decrees with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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