Mark L. Prophet Giving a Wonderful Explanation

How to Decree Effectively with Mark L. Prophet.
“Getting on with our subject, we will first define what is a decree.
The scripture records as follows:
thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee.

There are legal decrees.
There are laws that are passed by the Legislature.
But a decree is a law of your own being.

The question arises: how do we establish this law in our own being?

First we must recognize that though
the eyes may be the windows of the soul, and
the ear is supposed to hear the voice of God, that
a lot of people have stopped up ears and
a lot of people have eyes that do not see.

However, the impressions of the world seem
to make a great dent on most of us.
What we hear carries into our world.
But what we see carries more into our world than what we hear.
They say a picture is worth thousands of words.

First of all, we know that we are.
We say I AM.
You say I AM well, or I am happy, I am rich, I am kind.
Well, who is this I AM?
It’s you, your being.
But you were created by God.

A lot of people have asked this silly question: who is God?
The great masters have never answered this question
because it is unnecessary to answer.
When a man or woman realizes God,
they know the answer.

No Mere Words could ever Describe the Experience of Knowing God.

All paths are intended to lead man to God
including the path of decrees.

Now, what about prayer?
Prayer is a method of contacting God.
There are millions of people who pray.


Excerpt from Mark L. Prophet: Why and How to Decree Effectively, Part 1. July 1, 1966.

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