decreeing definition send words into cosmos as energy
Decrees Work Because You Send Words into Cosmos as Energy

Learn to be masterful with undivided attention and oneness with the word.
Come apart from the world and worldly vibrations at least once a day to give your decrees. Decreeing definition is the science of the spoken word in action.
Decrees work because you are
sending words out into cosmos as energy.

Beloved of the Light, we are all going through a test in the wilderness (Mat.4:1).

What is that wilderness? –
it the worldly culture none of us can escape
because is it all around.
Everywhere you go,
it is in the music in every store,
in TV programs and in the movies and
all the forms of media including video games.

Where are Examples of Christed Ones to Be Found?

Nowhere can you find or see
examples of the living Christ and the living God –
so, how can you understand
what it means to become a Christed one
which is your calling:
to be an example of great light to the world.
No matter where you live or what work you do,
You can be an example of the Light and Love of God.

So many people are distracted by
the baubles and trinkets of
the success and materialistic cult.
They have forgotten what it means to love God.
We are about to lose everything
because people have allowed
the darkness to consume them
instead of aligning themselves with
the Living God and with Light.

Our planet is in the midst of armageddon.
Have you read the book of Revelation in the Bible? This story is unfolding every day.
But it is not a linear or logical, easy to read unfoldment. No, it is written in a mystical way,
using allegory and stories
which have to be interpreted
by your inner understanding,
through the Holy Spirit.

Once a day
it is almost imperative for you
to come apart from the world and its vibration and
give your decrees.
Until you learn how to and
regularly practice the spoken word,
you will most likely be easily overcome
by the temptations and the darkness everywhere.
It can be subtle and
that darkness is also blatantly obvious.

Dark images Affect Everyone’s Consciousness

The images are all over of
horrible visuals in movies, tv and video games,
so much that you might have already become immune to how they impact you.
If your children have nightmares,
take a look at what is going into their brains
through their eyes and ears.
How much darkness are they exposed to?
If you don’t do this for yourself,
think of your children and
what is being fed into their consciousness.

What can you do about this?
The only solution I know is to turn to God and
his emissaries of Light,
the ascended masters and the angels.
These beings of great light will serve you
when you allow them into your life and
you ask for help.

You must ask. That is Law.

Withdraw at Least Daily to Decree

Come apart from the world and worldly vibrations
at least once a day and give decrees.
Choose to be masterful with undivided attention and oneness with the word as
you give decrees and mantras.

You have learned how to center in your heart,
send your energy up to God and
then open your mouth to use the science of the spoken word.
You decide what you want to ask for from God:

  • Do you need protection for you and your family?
  • Are there issues and situations you are dealing with at home, at work, among your friends or family?
  • All these things can be addressed when you give decrees.

When I first learned to decree,
I understood the violet flame helps clear
the energy for everything.
The Blue flame is for protection.
These two flames are very important.

Archangel Micheal is the master
to call on for protection.

A simple call is:
“Archangel Michael, help me, help me, help me!”
He will immediately place his presence over you and help you with any emergency.

Speak Your Decrees Out Loud

Decrees are meant to be given aloud.
This is where power happens.
It is the spoken word which creates change.

I was pondering exactly how
this amazing science of the spoken word
actually works.

I have a process I use to get answers and
it is this:
I ask a question to the universe,
to our teachers, the ascended masters and
to my higher self, my Holy Christ self.
Then I wait to hear the answer.
Sometimes the answer is immediate.
Sometimes it requires I listen until
I know I have heard the answer.

I was pondering
how decrees actually work and
waiting for an explanation from our
higher sources of information.
In this instance, I came across a statement
by Djwal Kul in his book:
Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura.
He gave me a simple explanation and it is:
Fohatic emanations of the Divine Logos.
My soul leapt when I read those words and
I instantly understood.

This is how decrees work:
you create a new you
because you send words into cosmos as energy.

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