God Lives Within You

…. Seek now in this hour to go to the heart of God, who lives within you yet, that you might know a fire that flows for the enveloping of the soul that the soul might become nearer and nearer to full bonding with the threefold flame and the Holy Christ Self.

…. Remember that without a threefold flame there is not, as has been said, civility, kindness, the kind word.

Truly, millions have been stripped of contact with God through television, through motion pictures, through idleness, through forgetfulness. Let it not be said of you that you lost your race for want of the flame of the Holy Spirit.

God Lives Within Your Heart

…. Seek and find eternal life in the threefold flame in your heart. Seek and find there the Atman and the very God of gods. This is what is permanent about your reality.

The flesh and the three lower bodies shall pass away when you have your victory, but now they are all you have. These must be chalices for a tremendous, tremendous outpouring of light.

….For a labor that is a labor of the pride of self and the pride of the handiwork of oneself is not an acceptable labor. The only acceptable labor is that which you lay on the altar of God to his glory and seek none of your own.

… Beloved, be humble before your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Be profoundly humble. For if you would be his chela you must have, then, in all internal integrity and integration of the soul with God, that point of realization. And the realization is the path. The realization is that without the threefold flame man is become as beast.

So, beloved, guard the threefold flame and increase it. Balance its plumes and remember that anger will snuff it out. There are only so many times over many, many lifetimes of an individual that that one can send forth anger and still retain that flame. Beware of this, beloved. Anger and pride go hand in hand: it is the pride of the fallen angels. They seek to draw you into that pride. What do they know about eternal life? Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Maha Chohan. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 46 No. 21

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