Thus, beloved, if you would heal and be healed, you must transmute all elements of your being that do not carry the wavelength of the components of the Healing Thoughtform, which consists of three concentric spheres–from the outer to the inner:  the green, the blue and the white.

All true healers who would heal to the very depths of the psyche of the mentally, the emotionally and the physically ill should be apprised of the healing power of the Healing Thoughtform. And they should be taught to visualize this thoughtform over their spiritual chakras and their physical organs for their own protection in their healing work.

The Gift of Angels to All

The use of this thoughtform is not restricted to practitioners of healing, but it is the gift of the angels to all people. Anyone can visualize the green, blue and white spheres superimposed over the entire body or the part of the body that is affected. This is an efficacious means of aiding professionals and loved ones in the care of the sick.

But the very best way that you can become an instrument of healing is to first establish wholeness within yourself. As it has been said, “Physician, heal thyself!” This, beloved, can be the “mighty work of the ages” leading ultimately to your soul’s freedom and ascension in the Light.
Archangel Gabriel. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 39 No. 1

The Healing Thoughtform

The dispensation of the Healing Thoughtform was announced by Archangel Raphael on March 28, 1964.

This thoughtform is composed of three concentric spheres:

  • white in the center,
  • surrounded by sapphire-blue and then
  • emerald-green sacred fire.

As described by Archangel Raphael, “the white fire core is…surrounded…by a mighty, tangible blue sheath of light,” which “denotes the will of God,…the manifest perfection for all mankind. The mighty sheath of green, vibrating and quivering around all, is the substance of the healing qualification for the earth and for the evolutions thereof.”

The thoughtform is scientifically formulated to bring spiritual and physical healing and to restore your soul’s inner blueprint.

You can visualize it over a specific organ or superimposed upon and penetrating every atom, cell and electron of the four lower bodies.

The  white-fire center is for purification and restores the balance of Alpha and Omega; the blue sphere magnetizes and restores the inner blueprint; and the outer emerald sphere brings the continuous flow of healing and restores life.

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