Only by holding firmly to the hand of God, your own I AM Presence, and the ascended host in times of Darkness as well as in times of Light can you ever find the way, the Middle Way, which the beloved Gautama lived.

Walking this Middle Way, one does not become so humble that he is subservient nor so exalted that he becomes blasphemous.  In practicing the living of the Middle Way will you find full solace; for it brings the God-comfort of peace as you consciously, by the use of the violet transmuting flame, still the voices of vain desires.

From the Darjeeling and the Himalayan temples there come to you now protective and healing currents as well as the sweet fragrance of flowers and cedarwood.  And last but not least, through our divine friendship comes this missive of goodwill, God’s will, to you!


When one extracts from a wounded animal a thorn which has been causing that life distress, certainly it is not necessary to instruct the beneficiary of your service in the art of surgery.  However, when a conscious chela comes to us seeking relief and release from his human distresses, requesting help for his spiritual advancement and desiring to serve his own God Presence I AM and us, it becomes a necessary service and a great joy to us to give him of our wisdom.

This wisdom, of course, was finally attained by us when before our ascension we victoriously passed through the fires of human suffering as well as through the rhythmic practice of sublime attunement with our God Source during countless periods of meditation and contemplation upon his glory which is revealed in the very starry heavens themselves.  In this way, as we reveal to the chela the ways and means of our own attainment, the chela becomes fully equipped by such knowledge with the practical means to help himself and others.

Your Obedient Servant – MORYA EL
El Morya. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 1  No. 1

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