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Tucson, AZ Services

Ascended Masters

Are you searching for a community of like-minded souls interested in a spiritual path?

We are a branch of The Teachings of the Ascended Masters, The Summit Lighthouse located in Gardiner, MT.

The community of The Summit Lighthouse of Tucson, Arizona is growing – – and we’re looking for you! We welcome all who are seeking answers to life’s mysteries…

Those of us who have been on this path for awhile engage regularly in the science of the spoken word, we use visualization and we believe a personal goal is to win our ascension. If you have questions or are curious, please check us out!

Jesus Healing Service

Wednesdays (7pm – 9pm), Tucson, AZ

The promise of this healing service is to protect our higher consciousness, the level of awareness which ties us to God.

Sunday Service

Sundays (10:30 am – 12:30 pm), Tucson, AZ

This blessed service is available in-person (TBD) or using a Zoom link. Please contact us for more information.

In-Person or Online Conferences

Every Quarter, Every Year. In Person at our Montana Headquarters.

Making a yearly pilgrimage to Montana to attend a conference in person is worth every challenge. The increase in Light in your Being is incomparable.

Come Home to God
Angelic Hosts
High Altar
Spiritual Warrior
Ascended Master Saint Germain
Fleur de Lis

The Synergy of Spiritual Tools

The art of combining the spoken word, visualization and focused attention has a powerful impact. When you learn then use these tools, your ability to accelerate into higher realms is intensified.

Life of a Spiritual Mystic

What makes a Teacher special? Is it because they are an example of a life lived in God and can show you the way? Is it because they have gone before you and can help you get home, get back to God? Our teacher, Elizabeth Clare Prophet was a living example of all this and more. She never claimed to be perfect in her human self, but the example she set proclaimed for all that she indeed is a Prophet for our times.

I started working on completely forgiving more and more each day, releasing the resentments and the pain.

The more decrees that I gave, invoking the violet flame of freedom and forgiveness, the more joyful my life became, losing more and more of the shackles and dross. I thank God for you and for His showing me the way.

In Love, I AM

Though I have experienced many trials, failed tests and had temporary setbacks, one thing stands above all:

the love and faith I have in my Guru–our beloved Messenger–and in the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, the highest truth I know that exists on earth today. Many have joined the bandwagon for a ride only to discover that the Path was strewn with hardships they dared not endure. Yet the unceasing blessings we receive pale the specters of human concerns into nothingnesses. 

– Lovingly,
A humble fellow student of Light

El Morya Is My Friend

I love El Morya for his gift of friendship. Because he first loved me, and has retained his bond to my heart, I have a strength within myself and a sense of worth that I did not have before. I know without a doubt that he sincerely is my friend.

El Morya’s tenderness has softened me and given me the ability to be compassionate towards others. His love has been the cure for my pain. My soul leaps with joy to give prayers to him and to be his instrument. This is the type of friendship I desire to retain forever.

El Morya’s Stalwart Chelas Keep the Flame at 5:00 AM.

Our beloved Guru El Morya said:


      Victory is on your side. You can have this victory, but I must see a far greater intensity and fervor of soul on your parts….If you want to have your victory, begin the day with your decrees. Set the time. Be here in the court. Go to bed on time. And make your statement to the Lords of Karma, not just twice a year but every morning, as to what you will do for the dispensations you petition for.

Empower me every day and see what I will do!

– A chela of God’s will

Special Events for You

Events every Quarter

Events Coming Up

Conferences are held locally and online four times a year. Great opportunities for re-charging your energy.

Beloved Jesus

Tucson, AZ Events

Wednesday Evening Healing Service

The Jesus “Watch with Me” healing service is a spoken meditation when Jesus is present with us as we give this ritual. Anyone is welcome to attend.

You can Be a Mystic – Your Divine Right with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Learn More Here – Read Our Blog

Kuan Yin Goddess of Mercy

I call to beloved Kuan Yin to place her electronicpresence over me, so that by the power of her mercifulheart, I may qualify an entire planet with the momentumof mercy as the violet, living flame. Prayer for Kuan Yin’s Sword of Mercy: When you don’t know what to do...

El Morya – Sponsor of The Summit Lighthouse

El Morya, sponsor of the Summit Lighthouse and of your path back to God. He will train you to know yourself.Anchor the light using your throat chakra. Say this lovely prayer aloud and tie yourself to the beloved El Morya.How to Know What is the Vibration of the Will...

Teachings of Buddha on the Middle Way

Teachings of Buddha on the Middle Way

In his very first sermon after attaining enlightenment, Buddha talked about the middle way of avoiding two extremes: the extremes of self-indulgence and self-mortification. In the East people have a tendency toward self-mortification, while in the West we lean toward...

In Divine Gratitude for Our Sponsors

El Morya

El Morya, Sponsor of the Summit Lighthouse

Mark L. Prophet

The Messenger, Mark L. Prophet

St. Germain

Saint Germain, Hierarch of the Aquarian Age

The Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Portia, Goddess of Justice

Mother Mary

Mother Mary

Jesus the Christ

Jesus The Christ

Kuan Yin

Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin

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