How To Find Your Twin Flame

Looking for true love? The search for your twin flame, is a profound, singular opportunity
for your spiritual growth and inner transformation.

The quest for true love is really your quest for wholeness.

Relationships are an integral part of your soul’s path to wholeness. At the core of desire is the quest to find the twin flame.

Your yearning for this wholeness stems from your ancient memory of the one soul who was created with you in the beginning, your twin flame.

Having become separated, you are on a path searching to find that particular, unique beloved one.

The key to reunion with your twin flame is
to become one with the most real part of yourself, your Higher Self.

When you are able to maintain a conscious inner tie to your Higher Self, and
you work through the karma separating you from your twin flame,
then you may find that perfect relationship.

You see, you are a magnificent spiritual being
who has a Higher Self and a direct connection to God. You just happen to be wearing a physical body.

This spiritual perspective can help you navigate all your relationships.

twin flames

There are three types of romantic relationships:
Twin Flames,
Soul Mates and
Karmic relationships.

This message is the story of twin flames, how you became separated and what you can do about this situation. In other postings, a greater understanding of soul mates and karmic relationships will be explored.

The twin-flame relationship is a profound connection at a spiritual level with only a single other person in the entire universe. Twin flames were created together in the beginning and share a unique destiny.

Twin flames are never separated on the inner, even though they may be physically apart for lifetimes. The longing for your twin flame is the longing for the perfect love you knew with your beloved in spiritual realms when the two of you were first created.

Your twin flame is the divine complement of your being.

Eons ago two beings were created out of the white fire core of
the Causal Body and I AM God Presence.

One in spirit and throughout cosmos
We are all drops in the ocean of God – Each of us with a unique design and a unique purpose to serve.

What happened is harmony was lost.

You lost your tie to God,
created negative energy and a sense of separation from your twin flame and from your God Presence.

When you misuse God’s energy, you create karma.

Negative karma forms coils of energy and density which have created the sense of separation
from your God Presence and from your twin flame.

Because of rebellion and disobedience,
the price has been separation from this perfect relationship.
Throughout millennia you have remembered the perfect love and
you continue to search for it.

Therefore, the karma created needs to be balanced before
being reunited with your perfect love.

You and your twin flame are both perfection.

You were created in Divine Love and when you can again express that divine love, you can re-unite with your twin flame.

Become whole in your devotion to your Higher Self.

Become the best person you can be.

Demonstrate your love in service to others.

Search, find and become your wholeness within.
So, how to be whole…..

Let’s explore that in part 2 about twin flames:

Secrets of the Path to Wholeness

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