“When man was created in the image of immortal God,

… he was endowed by inheritance with the full glory and power of God. [you outpicture divinity in your Real Self. . .]

To this the ascended master Jesus and others
referred in the statements they have made through the ages pertaining to the state of man’s consciousness before the world was and before form was.

In the formless realm of the infinite spirit of light,
only the perfection of God was made manifest.
And in the transition from the formless realm to the world of form,
through the misuse of free will,
individuals have accepted and outpictured
misqualification and

This has not brought about shame in heaven, for heaven designed only perfection.
It has brought about shame upon earth,
however, for it is there that the banishment from the Eden of perfection occurred.

And it is upon earth that transmutation must take place.

I bid you welcome this night in the holy name of God.
I bid you welcome to the courts of heaven.
I bid you welcome to your home of light as it was before it became
contaminated by human misconceptions.

Come, drink of the water of Life freely.
Drink of the water of eternal freedom.
Drink of the ageless fount of the eternal God.
And know that in the Presence of God,
each individual is crowned by light as a perfect child of the Most High.

…Rejoice in a feeling of God-magnificence,
a feeling of sustaining strength,
the mounting perfection of your Presence,
the victory of the eternal God and
the eternal God-life within you.

I bid you welcome.

I bid you welcome to the courts of light.

For in light there is no darkness nor shadow of turning nor a road that leads to imperfection.

But there is the road that leads ever onward to infinite realms
where joy springs forth and mounts up on wings, and
there is no downhill movement
but only a forward movement back to the heart of the eternal One.”

St. Germain. Pearls of Wisdom, V49 N40.

You are a Child of the Light. . .

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