Blessed ones, I define progress as the balancing of karma.

Karma, then, is the weight whereby many times the soul cannot fly. Therefore, (balancing karma) by emptying the ship of its cargo or a balloon of its ballast, this is my goal–thus my gift of the violet flame multiplied by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand by the aura of Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ, who would multiply every call of your heart.

The less karma you have, the greater [your] opportunity day by day.

This affects all choices. It affects contracts–business, marriage and otherwise–those who are drawn to your life and those who cannot be, the children you may give birth to.

Every day as percentages of karma pass through the sacred fire and that transmutation is ratified by good deeds, words and works of love and service, you are lightening the load and therefore rising and therefore, beloved, coming into new planes of realization, new associations.

Walk with angels. Enter the rarefied atmosphere. Thus, why position oneself at a level or plane or step of the ladder when [on] the very next one you might find your twin flame or the Guru of thy heart or an initiation failed long ago?  Now you are prepared to take it, to win and to fly!

Aquarius is a mighty air sign. It is the sign of the liberation of the mind and the soul to soar, to sing!

Beloved, I see here hearts of Light encased in dense forms so polluted by karma.

Do you realize how quickly the cleansing of the pores and the organs and the lower bodies takes place by the drenching rain of violets in springtime?  Have you not played in the rain as children, looking up into it and licking one’s face? O beloved, those drops of rain were received as a child by you as descending violet light, and often my angels did pour to you in joy the violet flame through the falling rains of springtime.

Thus, the flowers bloom, the chakras open.

Saint Germain. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 31, No. 50.

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