History to WHAT is a decree
the background to defining a decree
the charge in the bible of what we are instructed to do

A decree is light
– it is a ritual you use daily
– it is the hidden meaning of
the word SWORD in the bible.

When you give decrees
you can change your world…

How do you decree?

The place to begin is
to center in your heart
first take all your energy and
withdraw and center in your heart

then you visualize your heart chakra
so when you open your mouth
you remain centered in your heart

we give a decree aloud
for it is only when you give the spoken word
does change truly take place

We begin with a violet flame decree
the most astounding gift of the spoken word
we have been given in millennia…

I will share a story of one of my experiences
while giving a decree….


WHAT is a decree?

Research about decrees turns up two primary definitions of what is a decree.

One is a legal definition,
the other comes out of the Roman Catholic church.

They both refer to a decree being an authoritative order.

Well, today we shall dive into
an advanced spiritual and mystical definition for
what is a decree.

Let’s expound on the idea
we all have the authority to give a decree
with an expectation of a result…

We are given our authority to decree from two different messages in the bible:

Job 22:28
Thou shalt decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and
the light shall shine upon thy ways.

The second quote:

Isiah 45:11
Thus saith the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker,
Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and
concerning the work of my hands
command ye me.

You command (ask) God using a decree
because you want change
(the work of his hands)
and the decree shall be established –
it will take place
and the light will shine on you …

Decrees are light
they increase light
the Light of God and his consciousness increases
both in you and in the world…

Decrees are a ritual you can use daily…

the hidden meaning of the word SWORD in the bible
is Sacred Word or SWORD.

The true measure of a decree:
is sacred words
flowing out of your mouth
to effect change in your world and universe…

Decreeing is a blessed ritual.

HOW do you decree?

To Begin
You center in your heart
Close your eyes,
figure out where your energy is, now
draw all that energy back
draw back all energy, thoughts and attention and place all your energy into your heart.

Now SEE,
Now Visualize your heart chakra
It is a beautiful, pure pink color,
the color of a pink rose

Your Heart chakra has 12 petals
The name of God, I AM THAT I AM is
written in the center of your heart
and the six pointed star of ascending and descending energy is within the petals of your heart.

The energy flowing into your heart descends from God. The energy flowing in is pure Light, pure Love, pure Wisdom and pure Power.

When you begin giving decrees
you have the opportunity
to imprint and return pure energy back to God.

When you open your mouth to decree
you remain centered in your heart.

We shall now give

Heart, Head and Hand Decree 1.30 (through Forgiveness)

“In the name of the Christ, I call to the Father, the I AM THAT I AM, and in his name I command.”


Violet Fire, thou Love divine,
Blaze within this heart of mine!
Thou art Mercy forever true,
Keep me always in tune with you. (3x)

I AM Light, thou Christ in me,
Set my mind forever free;
Violet Fire, forever shine
Deep within this mind of mine.

God who gives my daily bread,
With Violet Fire fill my head
Till thy radiance heavenlike
Makes my mind a mind of Light. (3x)

I AM the hand of God in action,
Gaining Victory every day;
My pure soul’s great satisfaction
Is to walk the Middle Way. (3x)

Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells us:

“This is an amazing science. It seems so simple but there are a complex number of things that are going on. You’re taking all the energy of your heart, which is a replica of your I AM Presence, raising it to the point of the authority of the spoken Word. You’re using your eye to visualize what is happening. You’re using your consciousness to enter into another plane of existence. And you’re using the wisdom of your crown chakra as the full understanding of this law.”

… “Now we’re going to take the “Tube of Light,” which is putting on the whole armor of God, – a very joyous experience. The tube of light descends around you like a cylinder of light. You stand in it. It’s your seamless garment.”

Please stand while giving it in honor of your God Presence.

Tube of Light
Beloved I AM Presence bright,
Round me seal your Tube of Light
From Ascended Master flame
Called forth now in God’s own name.
Let it keep my temple free
From all discord sent to me.

I AM calling forth Violet Fire
To blaze and transmute all desire,
Keeping on in Freedom’s name
Till I AM one with the Violet Flame. (3x)

Now we give Forgiveness.

“This is the law of resolution… Forgiveness is the beginning of solving all national and international problems.”
Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

It begins with you. Together:

I AM Forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic Victory.

I AM calling in full power
For Forgiveness every hour;
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving Grace. (3x)

Anytime we give a decree we seal what we have given saying:

And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (3x) right here and now with full Power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

A story of one experience with decrees…

The very first service I attended was at our church headquarters in Malibu, CA. What a blessing! The one who took me to the service got us there quite late in the morning, which made me very curious… I believe she did not want to overwhelm me with all the decrees she knew would be given during the service.

She later said she thought I was able to give decrees ‘better’ than her even though it was my very first time. (That was very kind of her to say).

During the service while giving decrees, I looked over and saw an Usher who was dressed in all white. And all around her I could see this lovely flame and energy. I think I was seeing her aura, although I was not aware of this at the time…

To be continued…

Next – how to change the color around you….


The Science of the Spoken Word (2007), Mark L. & Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Summit Publications, Inc.

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