Keys to Becoming a Buddha and Earning Enlightenment are Simple

Spiritual enlightenment takes time, perseverance and the willingness to keep on trying. Buddha spent years on different paths of spiritual discipline before he discovered what he was searching for. Once he attained spiritual enlightenment, he preached for forty-five years creating the foundation of Buddhism.

The Buddhic Essence—Seven Steps to Becoming a Buddha

Steps Gautama Buddha Followed:

  1. He gave up all he owned
  2. He gave up his friends and family
  3. He put his total attention on God, his Mighty I AM Presence
  4. He became one with the mind of God
  5. He passed his tests, all the temptations put before him
  6. He achieved spiritual enlightenment: He became one with the Buddhic level of the mind of God.
  7. He returned to earth to teach. What he taught is the Middle Way.
Gautama Buddha tells us:
There are some who are born to be the Christ and there are some who are born to be the Buddha. Who is Christ?  Who is Buddha?  Who are you?  Why were you born?  To be man, to be woman, to be father, to be mother. Yes, this and more. To be the Christ or to be the Buddha where you are, you must know that that is the goal of life for you. …Hence the vision of the goal inspires the soul to determine ways and means of attaining the goal. Thus the Eightfold Path was born out of my communion with the Most High God–a communion that was a supreme compassion, a deep desire to show mankind how to return to the center of God-reality in which I found myself immersed. …. The path of the Buddha is also the way of the Holy Spirit–of caduceus rising and fourfold mastery of planes of consciousness. The way of the Buddha is the adoration of the Mother. It is the child adoring the Mother, the Mother adoring the child. It is God enveloping man and man enveloping God, the Lover and the beloved fused as one life even as the Knower becomes the known and the known becomes the Knower. I would teach you of wholeness, of God as one and of God as twin flames, of God as one and God as three-in-one, of God as one and God as four, and on and on, until God, as numberless numbers, transcends all numbers and becomes the Infinite One. Infinity born again and again in you is God realized through and through.

Hail, Gautama Buddha! A Musical Meditation on the Buddha.

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