Kuan Yin
Mercy's pink violet fire
Sword of Mercy

I call to beloved Kuan Yin to place her electronic
presence over me, so that by the power of her merciful
heart, I may qualify an entire planet with the momentum
of mercy as the violet, living flame.

Prayer for Kuan Yin’s Sword of Mercy:

When you don’t know what to do about a problem, just calm down,
center in your heart in the Presence of God within you and
call in the name of your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self
to Kuan Yin for her sword of mercy.

Visualize your heart blazing with mercy’s pink-violet fire.

Then place your right hand upon your heart and draw forth the sword of mercy.
Take this sword and point it directly into the core of any problem.
Feel and see the action of mercy’s power rushing in
to balance minds and feelings,
to transmute and make everyone whole.

Meditate upon the sword and visualize its penetrating, all-consuming action.
And let the flame do its perfect work.

“O beloved Kuan Yin, charge now this sword with thy flame of
forgiveness, of healing and truth, of mercy and freedom.
Make my right arm the scepter of thy power in the world of form and
extend thy grace into [insert your personal prayer here].

“Let the full expansion of the fire of mercy from the altar of your retreat in Peking* be charged now
through my right arm and through my heart by this sword of living flame.
Let the children of God upon earth know the fire of mercy
will allay our fears,
will quench the blaze of our emotions,
will stop the rioting of the masses and
will quench the concerns and worries of our youth.
According to God’s holy will let it be done.

Kuan Yin. (2003). Pearls Of Wisdom, V46N14.


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