Consistent Recitation of
The Scriptural Rosary Mysteries
Weaves a Garland of
God’s Light around You. . .

The Rosary nourishes you.

The nourishing of the Rosary is the
nurturing of the inner Flame of God that sustains you all the days of your life. . .

This inner Flame is the Three Fold Flame –
the presence of God in the Secret Chamber of your heart.

inner power heart

The Three Fold Flame

Consistently giving the Rosary nourishes and balances your Three Fold Flame.

The Rosary protects you.

Blessed and sheltered by the Divine Mother, Mother Mary, . .
the Light from giving the Rosary becomes anchored in
the physical plane and protects you in time of need.

The Messenger

You are changed day-by-day as
you give the Rosary.

As your thoughts dwell on the lessons taught through
the weaving of this garland of God’s Light. . .
day by day you learn and grow from these experiences.

Giving the Rosary
Raises your Consciousness towards God.

As you attune your energies to God during the recitation of the Rosary,
you grow into a higher consciousness. . .

You become less attached and less reactive to the experiences here.

You become more and more balanced in your emotional nature.

The Rosary heals you.

There are countless examples of
miracles of healing that occur through
divine intercession of Mother Mary and
the recitation of the Rosary.


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