The Seven Planes –
Higher Consciousness for
Your Evolution on Earth

The seven planes of higher consciousness address your True Self,
your Being on the physical and spiritual levels.

The goal of Life is to become your Christ Self and
one with your I AM Presence at the end of your embodiment in
the Ritual of the Ascension.

This is the Goal of Life:
Balance Your Karma,
Win your Ascension and Get OFF the wheel of rebirth. . .

You are given seven planes of being or consciousness
for your evolution in this time-space continuum. . .
The Chart of the Presence,
your Mighty I AM Presence is the diagram of this juxtaposition of spirit and matter:

Your Divine Self

I AM Presence – Your Divine Self

The I AM THAT I AM (Exodus 3:13-15);
the individualized Presence of God focused for each individual soul.
The God-identity of you.

Your Divine Self – I AM Presence – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

1. Higher Self

The I AM Presence –
the exalted aspect of self.
Used in contrast to the term “lower self.”

Your soul went forth from and may elect by free will to return to
the Divine Whole through
the realization of oneness of the self in God.
Higher consciousness.

2. Christ Self

The Higher Self –
your inner teacher, guardian, friend and advocate before God.
The Universal Christ individualized for you;
the Real Self to which you must rise.

The Christ Self is the mediator between you and God.

3. Causal Body

The spheres of Light surrounding your I AM Presence.
The spheres of the causal body contain all records of
(the blessed) acts you have performed to the glory of God and the
blessing of man through your many lifetimes on earth. . .

The Crystal Cord

The stream of God’s light, life and consciousness that
nourishes and sustains your soul and four lower bodies.
Also called the silver cord (Ecclesiastes 12:6).

pursue excellence; spiritual journey

Chela on the Path

Chela. (Hindi cela from Sanskrit ceta “slave” or “servant.”)
In India, a disciple of a religious teacher or guru .
The term also refers to a student of the ascended masters and their teachings.

4 – 7. Your Four Lower Bodies

Four sheaths of distinct frequencies that surround your soul; the vehicles you use in your journey on earth:

  • The Etheric or memory body
  • The Mental body
  • The desire or Emotional body
  • The Physical body.

The etheric body
contains the blueprint of your soul’s identity,
the memory of all you have ever done in all embodiments and
all impulses you have ever sent out.
It is also called the Memory Body
because it contains the record of ALL of your embodiments!

The mental body
is the vessel of the cognitive faculties;
when purified,
it can become the vessel of the mind of God,
your Christ mind.

The desire body or emotional body
houses the higher and lower desires and
records your emotions.

The physical body
is the miracle of flesh and blood that
enables your soul to progress in the material universe.

Chakra Man


(Sanskrit, “wheel, disc, circle.”)
These centers of light are anchored in your etheric body.
Chakras govern the flow of energy to your four lower bodies.
There are seven major chakras corresponding to the seven rays,
five minor chakras corresponding to five secret rays, and
a total of 144 light centers in your body.

heart chakra

The Heart Chakra & Threefold Flame

Heart chakra.

A twelve-petaled pink chakra located in the center of the chest.
It is associated with the third ray and
the expression of love, compassion,
beauty, selflessness, sensitivity, appreciation,
comfort, creativity, charity and generosity.

The Heart Chakra is the level to which
the energy of God descends.
Your Heart Chakra is where
your personal Presence of God dwells in your threefold flame.

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