Use Creative Spoken Word to Change

Every where you look, you see a need for change. The economy of America and the world, all the conflict, the government, taxes, on and on and on…. How can you possibly make a dent in all the worlds problems, how can you make a dent in your own problems?

The easy way is to start learning to decree. Decreeing uses the active principle of the spoken word.

The purpose of the spoken word prayer called ‘decreeing’ is to create change in your world.

The power of prayer has been documented and is well known. With belief and imploring God to work His work and change something, a powerful prayer can bring miracles. The power of prayer is real.

Spoken Prayer is the Most Effective Form of Prayer

It’s much stronger and more powerful. You know the opening lines: “and God Said Let there be Light. And there was Light.”

God spoke and the universe shifted

The same thing happens when you speak. You have the same effect every time you open your mouth and say something. Every word you speak returns energy to you. If you speak positive, you get positive back. If you speak negative, that negative returns to you sooner or later.

Decrees are spoken prayer. Decrees are spoken out loud with the understanding they will change the world. The energy of sound causes change and it goes out into the world to change whatever is spoken.

The change begins with you. It may be subtle, it may be obvious, but change will occur. Then as you grow in strength, your ability to change will spread out into the world.

This is the power of the spoken word.

Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra-Your Power Center

Use your words to effect positive change. You can change yourself for the better with the simple act of starting to decree.

CLICK HERE to learn how to decree.

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