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Visualizations for Heart, Head, and Hand Decrees

In an earlier post we began giving the Heart, Head, and Hand decrees. Let’s begin at the beginning and go through the entire decree. You will learn the visualizations for each section. This works because the power word goes into cosmos as energy.

To begin: you center in your heart and see the violet flame blazing within, as we give the first three parts of this decree. Together:

Calling Forth the Violet Flame through the
Heart, Head, and Hand Decrees

We start with an invocation: “In the name of the Christ, I call to the Father, the I AM THAT I AM, and in his name I command.” Together:

Violet Fire, thou Love divine,
Blaze within this heart of mine!
Thou art Mercy forever true,
Keep me always in tune with you.

I AM Light, thou Christ in me,
Set my mind forever free;
Violet Fire, forever shine
Deep within this mind of mine.

God who gives my daily bread,
With Violet Fire fill my head
Till thy radiance heavenlike
Makes my mind a mind of Light.

I AM the hand of God in action,
Gaining Victory every day;
My pure soul’s great satisfaction
Is to walk the Middle Way.

Now we give the “Tube of Light,” which is putting on the whole armor of God. The tube of light descends around you like a giant pillar of pure sparkling light. Together:

Beloved I AM Presence bright,
Round me seal your Tube of Light
From Ascended Master flame
Called forth now in God’s own name.
Let it keep my temple free
From all discord sent to me.

I AM calling forth Violet Fire
To blaze and transmute all desire,
Keeping on in Freedom’s name
Till I AM one with the Violet Flame.

The call for Forgiveness is the law of resolution. It is the beginning of solving all problems anywhere in the world. See spheres of love energy of violet, purple and pink going from your heart on wings of light as you give this decree.

I AM Forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic Victory.

I AM calling in full power
For Forgiveness every hour;
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving Grace.

Supply Alchemy: See Precipitated Gold

Now you go before your altar for
the alchemy of the abundant life.

The abundant life is on the fifth ray of science, truth and healing.
Its vibration is green.
You visualize the green flame
springing up in your aura,
mingling with the violet light,
descending from your I AM Presence as
sheets of white fire tinged in green, bursting as a flame.

Saint Germain teaches us
to visualize supply as precipitated gold.
He explains the molecular structure of gold is
used to transfer the gold of the golden rule,
the golden consciousness of the mind of Christ as the governor of supply and demand,
of the movement of substance from God to man
and from man to man.

You cannot call forth abundance
when you have tension and fear and doubt
in your subconscious.
So use the violet flame to transmute all doubt and fear.
Then you are a clear channel
for the flow of spiritual and material supply.

I AM free from fear and doubt,
Casting want and misery out,
Knowing now all good Supply
Ever comes from realms on high.

I AM the hand of God’s own Fortune
Flooding forth the treasures of Light,
Now receiving full Abundance
To supply each need of Life.

Perfection: Congruence with Your Real Self

Now you call upon the law of perfection.
Perfection means alignment with your inner blueprint and
congruence with your Real Self.

Perfection is the inner blueprint of your inner divine plan.
This particular command restores your memory of the vow you made before you came into embodiment of what you are to do.

And all of us want to know what we’re supposed to be doing.
We want to be doing the right thing.
And the right thing is to fulfill your inner blueprint.

As you visualize this energy descending,
it’s a great blue sphere that comes out of your causal body and descends into your aura.
It becomes a Great Central Sun Magnet.
It magnetizes to you inner perfection, and
it demagnetizes and transmutes
any imperfect use of that inner law.


I AM Life of God-Direction,
Blaze thy light of Truth in me.
Focus here all God’s Perfection,
From all discord set me free.

Make and keep me anchored ever
In the Justice of thy plan-
I AM the Presence of Perfection
Living the Life of God in man!

Transfiguration: Putting on the New Man

The next three calls you make are
to the transfiguration, the resurrection and the ascension.

The transfiguration is where
you put off your old garments of
the sense of sin, self-belittlement, condemnation.
There’s no reason to carry around
a sense of guilt and shame and
condemnation any longer.
You change garments.

You put on the inner garment of your Christ consciousness.

You do it every day by invoking this mantra.

It must be spoken.
Because it is the spoken Word that changes physical matter. There is resistance to the spoken Word.
You might like to be still and meditate,
but the spoken Word is what gives the change.
It’s the crying out and making a demand upon God.

Your devotion is so intense to your inner Real Self that finally, ultimately, you become the object of your own devotion.
As you devote yourself to this mantra each day,
visualize yourself in the white light of this inner sphere.
You stand in the very center of your own Christ Self.
And in that sphere you give the command.

I AM changing all my garments,
Old ones for the bright new day;
With the Sun of Understanding
I AM shining all the way.

I AM Light within, without;
I AM Light is all about.
Fill me, free me, glorify me!
Seal me, heal me, purify me!

Until transfigured they describe me:
I AM shining like the Son,
I AM shining like the Sun!

You have to endow matter with the living Spirit and
you will transcend yourself.

That’s what Toynbee said when
he studied twenty various civilizations that crumbled.
He said, “Materialism reaches a peak.”

If materialism is not endowed with Spirit
by a process he called etherealization,
a process of going within,
then it crumbles.
All twenty of the civilizations he studied crumbled
because they didn’t make the transition
from materialization to spiritualization.

That’s the choice all of us are making right now.

Matter is tired.
You know, machines get tired and we get tired.
Matter is tired. It’s going into a degeneration spiral.
This means atoms and molecules
have to return to the Great Central Sun
to be re-qualified with Light,
if we don’t endow it with the flame right here and now.

Resurrection: Accelerate the Trinity within You

Matter needs the violet flame.
The whole world needs the Holy Spirit as the violet flame.
Our cities need the Holy Spirit.
They’ll come alive and vibrate
because we balance the Spirit-matter force.
We will restore and resurrect our culture-
which brings us to this point of the resurrection flame.
This is one of the next great feats of science.

You stand in the center of the pyramid of being.
And the resurrection flame accelerates and begins to spin.
The pink, yellow and blue flames begin to vibrate and
they’re starting to approach the white light.
But before they do, they reach a momentum
where they look like mother-of-pearl,
where you can see all of the rainbow within it.
That is what you visualize as the resurrection flame.

You can see the flame that is the Trinity
is intended to be raised
from the base to the crown,
from the very base of the pyramid.

The goal of life is to expand your God-consciousness
from the tiny flame in the heart
until it is greater in stature than you are.
Then you live inside the flame.
You have become the flame.
Your identity is the flame.
Let’s give this call. Together:

I AM the Flame of Resurrection
Blazing God’s pure Light through me.
Now I AM raising every atom,
From every shadow I AM free.

I AM the Light of God’s full Presence,
I AM living ever free.
Now the flame of Life eternal
Rises up to Victory.

Key to Ascension: Primary Goal of Life

Life has a goal. The ascension is the goal of life.

Archangel Gabriel is the angel of the annunciation
of the ascension
of the sons and daughters of God.
I bear you witness that Archangel Gabriel
is announcing to all souls of light on this planet that
it is the option of your free will
to decide to make your ascension in this life.
Archangel Gabriel comes to us, and
many of us do not hear him
because we are so dense.

Your ascension is not going to happen
by accident, by chance or natural progression.
You will reincarnate if you don’t seize
the baptism of the Holy Spirit,
use the violet flame and
consciously invoke the ascension.

You have hundreds and thousands
of years of evolution and incarnations
to choose to be God.

If you deny God where you are,
you effectively invoke his law
to erase your being.
It is not a matter of punishment or
God doing this.
You do it to yourself.
Ultimately the law will cancel you out
by the flame of Alpha and Omega.

Or you could choose
to use the flame for your own ascension.

This is your chance,
the open door in many thousands of years,
to choose to take your ascension.
The way you choose to take it, is you decree it.

Let’s give the Ascension Call. Together:

I AM Ascension Light,
Victory flowing free,
All of Good won at last
For all eternity.

I AM Light, all weights are gone.
Into the air I raise;
To all I pour with full God Power
My wondrous song of praise.

All hail! I AM the living Christ,
The ever-loving One.
Ascended now with full God Power,
I AM a blazing Sun!

To Ascend is an Initiation, A Blessing to Invoke and to Understand

The ascension is a specific action and an initiation.
It is a Blessing to be invoked and to be understood.

It used to be required in the time of Jesus and up unto recent centuries
you had to balance 100 percent of your karma
in order to return to God.
The requirement for the ascension in this age
is that you can ascend with
the balance of only 51 percent of your karma.

This is definitely attainable.
Especially because you,
a lightbearer, have been performing
good works and meditations for many embodiments,
so you have accrued great light and good karma.

What finally remains to transmute by the violet flame is
that substance hanging onto you
as manifestations of darkness
we all have accumulated.

When you balance 51 percent,
because it is not 100 percent,
you go through the natural process of
transition called death,
the change of garments.

You lay down your body temple.
Then your soul is taken by the hand of your Christ Self,
the angelic hosts and the ascended masters
to the plane of the Christ,
the etheric plane.

Ascensions are taking place through this dispensation.
People are ascending from earth.
It is entirely possible.
But you have to make up your mind
you’re going to do it,
then follow the path
which the ascended masters have shown us.

Let’s protect the action of this decree with the closing:

And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (3x) right here and now will full Power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!
Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

In Conclusion

Today You learned about the spoken (power) Word as images of light and energy.
You gave the Heart, Head and Hand decree.
You learned about visualizations and
how to use them to increase the power and effectiveness
of the spoken word.
These three: Light, visualization and the Word all work together.

Your task or action to take:
is to give a decree with attention and
focus on the images of words as light. . .
Did you feel differently afterwards?
Write down what happened for you in your journal.
OR email me, I would love to hear your results. . .

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