Are you in a search –
looking for something because so far,
what you have found and tried has not worked for you. . .
Perhaps the idea of spiritual growth is
something you have been pondering for some time. . .

There are tons of choices these days.
You have to make decisions daily about
every aspect of your life. . .

And maybe you feel like your life is in chaos. . .
Too much to do, no time to do it.

When I was looking and searching for the ONE THING
which I believed would help my life,
I explored many different practices.
There was yoga, meditation, chanting,
tai chi and dietary explorations.
I was searching for the method of spiritual growth
which would work for me. . .

Tai Chi

I remember the first time
I stood the Tai Chi stance.
I felt my energy descend deep into the earth and
I knew this is a powerful practice.
It would do me a lot of good and
because the Teacher was right in the area,
I could be consistent with my practice.

For several years
I went to Tai Chi classes
two and three times a week.
The classes were usually small, 5-7 people.
I always felt centered and calm after class.
The people who attended the class became good friends.
This teacher created
a small community around
his teaching and the practice.
And it was great at the time. . .

But life always gives us change and
demands we continue to experience spiritual growth and
become better. . .

Internet Communities

Lots of people look for community.
Communities form up daily around
various interests all over the Internet.
There are almost an endless
source of communities available. . .
This is one way people meet and interact is
through a community of like-minded people.

Naturopathic Medical School

Another community I found was
the community of my classmates in
Naturopathic medical school.
We were a small class, only 38 people.
After four years of full-time school,
we all knew each other pretty well.
At least on the surface.

However, that community changed as
soon as we graduated.
We all went off in different directions
to pursue our individual practices in natural medicine.

And Life goes on. . .

Spiritual Community

People used to come together in spiritual community too.
They would join because the community was a safe place to live, or
because they wanted to devote their life to God.
And many other reasons.
Unfortunately religious community life seems
to have almost entirely disappeared.

Lots of people have rejected orthodox religion. . .
I wonder why. . .

I too rejected orthodox religion.
And spend eleven years searching for answers.
Then one day I found the ONE THING
I had been searching for and
it included spiritual growth community
in many different styles.


A group of people
who had searched during their life,
found and then become part of this same group.
To me that was exactly what I wanted. . .

What could it look like
to be part of a dynamic spiritual practice?

Are you searching for tools for inner spiritual growth and change?

Spiritual Growth Tool Kit. . .

Would you be interested in
a spiritual practice which makes sense,
it’s easy to do and
takes just a little amount of time?

Well, there is
a set of four key tools for higher consciousness
which doesn’t take a long time.

These tools can
create change quickly when
you choose to really
focus on the dynamic practices.

Do you love to learn and then
put into action what you learn?
Do you look for new ways to do things
because what you have found so far has not worked for you?

These tools just might be your answer. . .

What would you like to see in a spiritual practices tool kit?
I would love to hear from you. . .

Until next time,
Thank you for being part of my life,
Sister Elisabeth

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