Top Ten Tools to
Accelerate Higher Consciousness

You have extraordinary opportunities right now
to make progress on your spiritual path and
to rise above this false and worldly culture. . .

Using self discipline you can learn
to put on higher consciousness,
to balance your karma and
to ascend back to your God Self.

The ascended masters teach a spiritual path of initiation. . .

Learn how to pursue your Christ consciousness,
to overcome the limitations of your lower self and
to attain reunion with your God Presence in
the Ritual of the Ascension. . .

The following are Practices to Use on your Spiritual Path:

  1. Spoken Word

The ascended masters teach you the Science of the Spoken Word.

This Art and Science is key to access the Power of God.

This art combines

  • prayer,
  • mantras,
  • affirmations,
  • meditation and
  • visualization into Dynamic Decrees.

When you pray, you communicate with God and request his help.
When you meditate, you commune with God.
Decrees are spoken petitions to God and
commands for the will of God to manifest. . .

When you use decrees,
you are commanding
the flow of energy from Spirit to matter.
You enter into a partnership and an interactive relationship with God. . .

  • Word.
    The Word is the creative Power of God.
    Devotees release energies in the
    Science of the Spoken Word through decrees.
  • Decrees.
    When spoken in the name of God and the Holy Christ Self
    a decree creates change according to God’s will.
    When you give decrees,
    you are commanding the flow of energy from Spirit to matter.
    You enter into a partnership and an interactive relationship with God.
  • Affirmation.
    A positive statement,
    usually beginning with the name of God, “I AM,” that
    affirms and strengthens qualities of God.
  • Mantra.
    A word formula often in Sanskrit,
    to be recited or sung
    to intensify the Spirit of God in you.
  • Dictation.
    A message from an ascended master, an archangel or another advanced spiritual being
    delivered by a Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood
    through the agency of the Holy Spirit. . .

Throat ChakraThroat Chakra – seat of Power

2. Decree.
Dynamic spoken prayer
used to direct God’s Light into individual and world situations.

When you decree, you are communing, communicating and commanding.
You are commanding God’s light to enter your world for change.
You are directing God
to send Light into action for personal and world transformation.

Decrees are the most powerful form of invoking God’s light.


3. Use Violet flame Decrees for Positive Change

The violet flame is the seventh-ray and it is a flame of freedom.
It frees you because the violet flame is sacred fire that
transmutes the cause, effect, record and memory of sin and negative karma.

The violet flame is the energy of transmutation, freedom and forgiveness.
When the violet flame is invoked using the Science of the Spoken Word in decrees,
it brings about constructive change in every aspect of your life.

Learn how to give violet flame decreesCLICK HERE.

4. Keys to fulfill your Dharma.
Your dharma is your duty to fulfill your reason for being.
It is your Divine Plan or purpose.
It is the promise you made before your incarnation to do a work for God.
When your dharma is fulfilled and sufficient karma is balanced,
you are eligible for the ascension.

5. Learn Secrets to Balancing Your Karma.

A Sanskrit word meaning “act,” “action,” “work” or “deed.”

Karma is the law of cause and effect;
the consequences of your thoughts, words and deeds
of this and previous lives.

Whatever you do returns full circle back to you for resolution,
this is the Law of Love,
the Law of karma.

The Law of Karma
means you have to reincarnate so you can pay the debt and
balance all misuses of God’s light, energy and consciousness.
Making use of the gift of the violet flame is
the easiest way to balance your karma.

Balanced Energies of Christhood

Balanced Energies of Christhood

6. Christhood.
Your individual expression of the universal Christ consciousness.
On the spiritual path,
your personal Christ is the initiator of you, your soul.

Your goal on the spiritual path is to so imitate your Teacher,
to be the Christ, the Buddha or any other Master,
that you become that one.
This is putting on your Christhood.

7. Go to Etheric retreats while you sleep.
The spiritual home of an ascended master.
Retreats are located on the etheric plane.

You can travel to these retreats in your etheric body during sleep
to study at universities of the Spirit.

8. Where to Study more Ascended Master Teachings

The Summit Lighthouse is an outer organization of the Great White Brotherhood.
It was founded by Mark L. Prophet in 1958 in Washington, D.C.
Under the direction of the ascended master El Morya
its purpose is to publish and disseminate
the teachings of the ascended masters. . .

9. Study Cosmic Law in the Pearls of Wisdom®.

Are you a student of sacred mysteries?

Pearls of Wisdom contain
teachings on cosmic law with
practical application of spiritual truths to personal and planetary problems.

10. Learn to Keep the Flame of Life on Earth.

Following ancient sacred orders,
the Keepers of the Flame® is a universal spiritual fraternity.
Composed of ascended masters and spiritual warriors (you)
who work to bring in an
enlightened age of freedom, peace and higher consciousness.

The flame is the sacred fire in your heart, your portion of God’s Spirit.
Because you nurture this flame you can win your ascension.

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