This is Where We Begin:

With a picture of the Real You. This is a chart of the I AM Presence, your real and living Self.

Your Divine Self

This is what you look like, one with your God and your Holy Christ Self.

That same God who was present in Moses, in Jesus, in the great saints and mystics of the past is
also present in you.

The upper figure of the chart is a representation of great wheels, great spheres of energy, which is your treasure in heaven.

Where can we go but up?

Up into your individualized God Presence, your own individualized higher consciousness.

Those spheres are wheels of fire as we are told, our God is a consuming fire.

And what does that fire consume? It consumes the dross of your life and my life, the miscreation we have created which has become our lesser self. When you allow your lesser self to be consumed, then you can become who you truly are.

There is no other way for the dross of the lesser self to be consumed than by the sacred fire of God. And we must allow it to be consumed because we are now living in the age of judgment.

What is being judged?

It is your lesser self, because we are living in the time of the descent of the Holy Spirit into our temple.

We are living in the time when you must choose this day whom you will serve.

Are you going to keep on pandering your lesser self with all of its wants, wants, wants and the decadence of this culture and life on the planet?

The civilization of Cain is all around you, every where you go.
Will you continue to indulge in the many ways you can avoid being all you can be?

Or Are You Going to Choose to Serve the Living God?

There is an acceleration of light on the planet because
this is the end of one age and the start of another age.
And with the increase of light is the flushing out of darkness.

That negative energy, whether of pollution, of drugs, of politics or loss of economic freedom,
all conspires to take us from our divine freedom to live and to be in God.

The middle figure is your individualized Christ Self – Your Higher Self.

The Holy Christ Self

The mystery of the incarnation of the Word, of becoming the Christ is this:

this principle/person can multiply itself a billion times a billion times throughout cosmos and
still remain the Infinite One.

?If I am the experience of God where I am, and God is experiencing consciousness where you are, do you then say: one here, one there, do you say there are billions of Christs?

Or do you understand that
one times one times one times one still equals one.

God is becoming God everywhere throughout his creation.

The light of Christ, the energy of God is the same energy within Jesus, within me, and within you.

When you fail to understand that, then you are idolators and
you say the universal God has only been present in one temple,
the temple of Jesus Christ, and
the rest of us are sinners with no ability to walk in his footsteps or to become as He is, because he Jesus alone, was the only Son of God.

That person of the Christ is your Real Self, not only of Jesus, but also of you and of me.

We fell from the state of being one with our Christ Self many lifetimes ago because of our misuse of the energy of God.

Now we are in the age of redemption as well as of judgment. The bible tells us in this age, everyone will sit under their own vine and fig tree. (Mi 4:4)

The fig tree is your own Mighty I AM Presence, the vine is your own personal Christ Self.

This chart also shows a descent of energy.

From the white fire core of your I AM Presence there descends a crystal clear stream of energy.
It is called the crystal cord.

The crystal cord comes out of your I AM Presence, descends through your Christ Self and anchors its energy in your heart.

The Book of Revelation talks about
a tree of life and a crystal clear river of water of life
flowing into the midst of that tree of life.

This is a picture of the tree and the river flowing out of it.

The river is your source of energy, your spiritual-material energy.
You continually decide every moment how you will use this energy.

Will you choose to use it wisely and well, or not.
The way you use this energy determines whether or not you fulfill the vow you made to serve God in this life.

We impress upon this crystal cord the energies from our thoughts, our feelings, our words and actions.
We are creating our world moment by moment as we use the energy God gives to us freely.

We get addicted to our human habit patterns.
Things like criticizing and finding fault with others instead of
holding the immaculate concept,
the perfect vision for our loved ones.

We get addicted to talk, talk, talk, we fill the moments of our day with TV, video, computer and never take the time to make that connection with our inner reality.

Then we wonder why things don’t go the way we want them to go.
We refuse to take responsibility, when
what we must do is to turn around and
fill our temple with light and energy.

The way to do that,
to begin to use the energy of God responsibly is with
what we call the Science of the Spoken Word.

Believe this, understand it and make this your own.

“With God anything is possible.” ?

You are already one with God.











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