Balancing and opening your heart chakra is key.

Love is the hidden power of your heart.
Love is the energy used by God to create everything.
You, me, everything on earth…

Learn about Opening Your Heart Chakra

The energy of Love is
the power flowing throughout and
connecting all of us, all of life.

Your greatest inner strength and potential is
the power in opening your heart chakra.

Your heart can provide you with

  • Empowerment,
  • Balance and
  • Fulfillment.

The point where you access
the experience of God or
your Higher power is in your heart.

Your heart is your link to divine potential because
a spiritual flame,
an essence of God
is inside your heart.

This spiritual flame is
the threefold flame of
divine Love, Wisdom and Power.

You draw your heart’s wisdom into your awareness as
you relax your mind and
listen to your inner heart feelings.
You can receive answers for big and small choices in life.

Your heart is
a fountain of knowledge and
balanced suggestions,
yet you probably do not know how to use it.

Determine Consciously Where Your Energy Goes

Consciously or not, you determine where your energy goes.

The way you choose to direct your heart’s power is your decision.

Learn how to manage your
emotional and
physical energies from your heart
because then
you begin to connect with
your higher power and intelligence.

You have a tie to God in your heart.

Do you desire a direct encounter with God?

Your heart is your Center,
a refuge and place of peace and strength.

One Buddhist text explains how to enter into meditation by

visualizing in your heart a beautiful island,
where the earth is covered with jewels and
the fragrance from blossoming trees fill the air.
Here is a temple where
you commune with your inner teacher,
your Higher Self, who is seated on a throne.

You can choose to dwell in your heart.
As you center in your heart during meditation,
you find a door leading to a “secret chamber.”

This secret chamber is your inner temple, –
your private meditation room.
Jesus described the secret chamber when he said:
“When thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and
when thou hast shut thy door,
pray to thy Father which is in secret.”

The ancient Vedic Upanishad says:
“The secret chamber of the heart is a doorway into cosmic dimensions.
The little space within the heart is as great as this vast universe.
The heavens and the earth are there, and
the sun and the moon and the stars;
fire and lightning and winds are there; and
all that now is and
all that is not. ”

Your heart contains
an unlimited source for making the best choices for your life.

This source is your Threefold Flame.

Your Three-fold Flame

…is your direct connection to the Power, Wisdom and Love of God
because this flame is
a spark of fire from God’s own heart,
a portion of God right inside you.

The threefold flame within your heart embodies
the same qualities of love, wisdom, and power found in the heart of God.

The threefold flame supplies:

  • Power to run your body
  • Wisdom to nourish your mind
  • Love to fulfill your destiny.

How to Develop Inner Power through Your Heart

To find your inner source of power,
you need to become aware of and
listen to your still small voice.
When you pay attention and then act,
this source of information will unerringly
lead you to the best possible results.

Your still small voice is
the intuitive knowingness of your heart that
brings feelings of love, peace and
knowing the right way to go,
the correct choice to make.

You access this still small voice by:

  • Quieting your mind
  • Entering Your Heart
  • Focus on sending out love.

You can expand and intensify your threefold flame.
You expand this inner flame every time you act from the loving part of yourself.

As you develop your threefold flame
you increase your spirituality by raising
your consciousness above human concerns.

As you intensify that connection and
the fire in your heart,
you can live a very full spiritual life in this material world.

Instead of trying to solve problems in your head, stop.
Connect with your heart and
listen for your still small voice.
Then, follow the instructions your inner voice gives you.

As you work on this you will find it easier,
more effective and
the choices you make will be better.
Your inner voice becomes louder,
clearer, and easier to hear
the more you practice.

Re-Create Your World through
Harmony of Heart and Mind

Your heart contains within it the highest intelligence,
a power that illumines understanding.
Total understanding comes only from your heart.

The key to unlocking intuition and intelligent understanding in your life is your heart.

Your mind is illumined when it serves as
a second in command to the heart.
Your heart and mind work together to create your world.

Using your heart as the director for big and small decisions,
you start to realize all that happens in your life is opportunity.
Opportunity either for empowerment and wise use of energy, or
self-victimization and stress.
It really is your choice.

As you listen and act on what your heart tells you,
you begin to harmonize your entire
mental and emotional nature to
find better balance and fulfillment.

It is your choice where you put your attention.
Paying attention and making good choices is
self empowerment.
When you get a clear understanding,
you can choose to act and carry out what you know is true.

Three Easy Steps to a Better You!

You can achieve balance by listening to your heart and
self correcting out-of-balance thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

  1. As you encounter your habitual energies
    (such as poor self esteem, criticism of yourself or others, etc.),
    identify each negative attitude.
  2. Then ask your heart how to turn that negative into a positive energy,
    thought, feeling, attitude.
    By doing this,
    you use your heart to make
    the best and most energy efficient attitude adjustments.
  3. Combine this with the action of the violet flame and
    you will find yourself an entirely new person in no time at all!


Paddison, S. (1995) The Hidden Power of the Heart. Achieving Balance and Fulfillment in a Stressful World. Boulder Creek, CA; Planetary Publications.

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