Greetings, Dear Hearts and Welcome to
Secrets to Unfolding Your Latent Divinity podcast.
My name is Sister Elisabeth, and
I am the host.

Each week we will spend about 10 minutes together
talking about a particular aspect of the spiritual path. . .

Tools, techniques and secrets about
how you can incorporate spiritual practices into your life which will
help with

Unfolding your Latent Divinity

This time together will be followed by a break before
the next season begins.

I intend to send out a survey to get
your feedback, suggestions and comments.

Let me ask you. . .

  1. Are you a spiritual seeker?
  2. Do you hunger after mystical experiences?
  3. Have you left your family church or religion?
  4. Do you search for deeper meaning and answers to questions about your life and your purpose for being?
  5. Do you think the pursuit of acquiring more and more stuff may not be the most important thing to be doing?

I am someone who is just like you,
looking for answers,
looking for something more.

Many years ago I stood in the church I had been raised in.
I knew the entire church service by heart.
I also knew something was missing.
I could not have told you what was missing,
but I did not feel this church was for me.
Later that week I told my parents
I would not be going back to that church.

So, my search began. . .

I spent eleven years looking for answers and seeking. . .
The story of what I found is for another day. . .

You can find answers to the questions you ask.
Your Higher Self knows what you seek.
And when you are ready, you will find your answers.

It is up to you to choose to follow a spiritual path.

The best path will teach you
how to daily attune yourself to higher consciousness,
it will teach you
how to access your Higher Self and
how to put on that higher self.

You see,
You can unfold your latent divinity and access your Higher Self.
You are not here just to be the best human you can be.
You are here to put on and become your inner divinity.

You are Intended to Be a Christ. . .

you can move from human consciousness to
fully accessing your Higher Consciousness.
When you do access higher consciousness,
you can become your Higher Self,
which is your Christ self.

This is how you can be perfect. . .

That which you perfect is your Real Self, your inner self,
not your human, outer self.

This is the mystical teaching removed from all religions.

Jesus taught many secret teachings
which were removed or not included in the Bible.

One key secret which was removed is
you are intended to be a Christ. . .

You are intended to follow his example and be a Christed one,
living a life of love.

How different the world could be
if people understood this and lived by it. . .

You can unfold your Highest Self and
live a life filled with joy, love and service to others.

You can use these teachings for unfolding your latent divinity.

You are a divine being having a human experience.

When you are very clear on what it means
to be a divine being
living in human consciousness,
you start to experience profound change in your life.

Jesus told us to be perfect,
yet all instruction to how to do that was removed and hidden.

Those secrets have now been recovered.

The secret teachings of the ascended masters (including Jesus), have been set down and revealed through the messengers Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. For forty years the word of God was recorded and put down by the messengers.

The ascended masters are your true teachers.
They teach how you can be free of the burdens of the world.
The teachings show you how to go within to
contact the fiery core of your God Presence.
A spiritual path is unfolded,
A path you can follow all the way home to God.

Why believe these teachings from the Ascended Masters?

After all, You can’t see them or speak to them.
How can you know whether the information revealed is of any worth?

You will know
because it is and always will be
your inner recognition of truth when you see it or hear it.

If you have a tie to these teachings,
to the Masters or the messengers,
you will recognize something as being real, as being valuable.
Your heart tie, your inner awareness
will recognize and accept the teachings of the ascended masters.

If you can’t accept something, but want to learn,
just put those things you have trouble with on a “shelf,”
put the ideas and philosophies aside.
When you revisit them later, your understanding may have grown. . .

These teachings include the Power of the Spoken Word.
How do you access that power?
Is it possible to change your self, to change your world?

How do you change your world and improve your life?

The violet flame has only recently been revealed to the world.

This had been a carefully guarded secret accessible only to adepts and spiritually advanced mystics. . .

Right now, it is available for everyone.
Why not try out the violet flame and give violet flame decrees. . .
15 minutes a day can change you for the better. . .

See if it can make a difference in your life. Lessons will be included on how to use the violet flame to create change in your life.

The Science of the Spoken Word will be explored.
You will learn how to use this power in your own life.
You can experience profound change and the power available to create change using this secret to your latent divinity.

The tools and practices unveiled by
the teachings of the ascended masters can be used by anyone. Everyone would benefit and
the entire world would change if enough people took up and practiced violet flame decrees and
other decrees given in the power of the spoken word.

Our first season together will last about 12 weeks.
We begin at the beginning and unfold
practices and tools you can use to follow your spiritual path.

You can be of any church, any religion,
or none at all.

These teachings are meant for everyone.

Unfolding Your Latent Divinity is for everyone.

The tools can be used by anyone.
Try them out, and see what they do for you.

We begin at a beginning.
Next week, we open with the idea of
how you can set up a sacred center in your home.

Have you thought about what can happen when you create a special space, a sacred place for you and your family?
What can happen when you take the time to attune to higher consciousness every day. . .

A special place where you take the time to attune with your heart, where you center yourself before you begin your busy day and life, where everyone can learn to unfold their divinity. . .

Here is a suggestion of a book to read.
My first book was The Human Aura by Kuthumi.
You can find it on Amazon.
Let me know what you think.

I welcome questions and comments.
Thank you for being here and being part of my world.

Your Sister on a spiritual path,

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