It is Time to Escape out of Your Human Experience and Walk the Inner Path

Unfolding Your Latent Divinity. . .

Wake up dear hearts
And hear the voice of one crying in the wilderness

(The wilderness is the material world)

Crying crying – the inner voice is saying

It is time, the time is now
To return to

The Inner Walk with God. . .

It is the ascension which is the goal of life
It does not happen automatically
There is a path to follow

Ascension currents are residual within all men
In whom dwells the seed of God

This image is you as the tree
The Tree of Life
You as the Divine Self
Over which flow the currents of immortal life.

It is time for you to uncover your alchemy of the self

The mystery of the Ascension is attained
By the realization of the Real Man
That flaming Spirit
Yet creating

The Presence of God individualized as True Being is “I AM.”

This is the Presence of Life
Individualized reality for your soul

The real meaning of the soul
Is “Solar-El”
The latent Power of the Divine Angel within Man.

The Solar-El is the infinite idea of God
Projected by divine light
Through the seven densities of creation, including the angelic realm
Evolving as the evolution of divine energy. . .

There is a world of Cosmic Magic
The Magic of believing in the Power of the original Intent of God. . .

That which men deem to be life and
Hold to be real is not
The reality with which God will bless mankind.

True love is love for the God flame

It holds no other desire save the expectation of
Amplification of that flame
As a tangible, divine feeling

Which sweeps the world pure and clean
With the washing of the water by the Word. . .

Serapis Bey. (1967). Pearls of Wisdom, V10N13.

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