Violet Flame Decrees, ‘the Singing Flame’

1. Begin Your Spiritual Work with a Prayer

Pray and ask the Ascended Masters, angels and elementals to be with you and to help you.

2. First, Protect Yourself

You need to seal your aura with protective energy because when you bring forth light, darkness is drawn to it. One of the best ways to do this is to put on the tube of light and the protection of Archangel Michael.

  • Give your Tube of Light decree each morning. Repeat as necessary.
  • Visualize an impenetrable wall of light around you.
  • Your prayer to Archangel Michael can be as simple as “Archangel Michael, Help me! help me! help me!”

When you call to Archangel Michael and his legions, they are instantly at your side.

3. Give a Little Bit of Violet Flame Every Day

You can give violet-flame decrees anywhere, anytime. Saying a violet-flame mantra anytime you feel tense, tired or irritated will make a difference.

4. Begin Your Violet-Flame Decree with a Preamble

The preamble is an invitation. You lovingly ask the violet-flame beings, Ascended Masters and angels, for help and guidance.

Here is a preamble you can use and add to:

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, I call to beloved Saint Germain and the angels of the seventh ray. I ask you to___________. (e.g.: I ask you to multiply my call and use it to assist all souls in need).

5. Give the Decree Slowly at First, Then Speed Up with More Repetitions

The first time you give a decree, repeat it slowly and deliberately with intense love.

As you increase the speed, the decrees raise your vibration. The increase in speed should feel natural, the decree should almost speed itself up.

Give your decrees with joy and gusto. You can hear the correct way to increase speed on the decree CD’s and videos from the Summit Lighthouse.

6. Visualizations Empower Your Spiritual Work

Close your eyes and concentrate until you see the violet flame with your inner eye.

The violet flame looks like fire, in colors ranging from dark indigo and brilliant amethyst to violet pink. See these flames burn through karmic debris.

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