Violet Flame and the 7 Chakras with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Use Violet flame words, decrees and mantras to transform you and your seven chakras. Experience Spiritual alchemy for personal transformation – how to use your chakras to experience God. Use the violet flame to change you.

The violet flame is easy to use. You call the violet flame into action through decreeing – a unique form of spoken prayer. Decrees work because you send words into cosmos as energy. When you speak power words as sacred words you send energy out into cosmos. We are told “my words will not return unto me void.”

When you speak, every time you speak you send out energy. What you say means something. How do you speak? What do you say?

Words are Power

When you realize everything you say means something, you begin to pay attention. A wise person begins to speak with clarity, with kindness, with intent.

When you call the violet flame into action, it descends as a beam of spiritual energy. When you speak the violet flame it goes out as spiritual energy and returns to you multiplied.

And the action of those sacred words begins to change and transform your world. You transform yourself using sacred words as powerful energy. The spiritual action of violet flame as a beam of energy changes everything it touches.

This spiritual beam brings with it qualities of mercy, forgiveness, justice, freedom and transmutation.

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain has given you this violet-flame decree:

“I AM a being of violet fire!
I AM the purity God desires!”

by Saint Germain..

Once you are familiar with the decree, close your eyes and visualize – SEE – the violet flame.

violet flame
Violet Flame

See yourself before a large bonfire. Color the bonfire the color of the violet flame and see the flames moving in endless shades of violet, purple and pink.

Every time you use the violet flame, it will produce benefits. But you need to keep at it to undo age-old habits you would like to change.

Violet Flame Words & Actions

Combining violet flame decrees with visualization results in a triple action:

  • The power of the spoken word
  • Visualization- the power of using your mind’s single eye
  • The action resulting from decreeing the Violet Flame.

This combination is the most powerful agent for change in the universe. The Violet Flame is a gift from Saint Germain. Everyone can use violet flame to improve their life.

The action of the violet flame can change you into a new person.

You can be whole and work the works of God.

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