Experience the Violet Flame. Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Teaching on How to Use the Violet Flame Daily

Once you have memorized some violet-flame decrees, close your eyes and try these visualizations. Here are ideas to strengthen your use of the violet singing flame.

See A Violet-Flame Pillar

Chela in violet flame

Visualize yourself surrounded by a violet-flame pillar six feet in diameter and nine feet high. It extends from beneath your feet to over the top of your head.

The flames rise and pulsate in different shades of purple, pink and violet.

Around this violet-flame pillar see your tube of light, an even bigger pillar of white light that protects and seals the violet flame.

Every time you visualize this, you reinforce the image.

Heal Your Four Lower Bodies with Whirling Violet-Flame Spheres

As you give a violet-flame decree, see a large sphere of violet light form around you. As you speed up the decree, the sphere begins to whirl, see it spinning faster and faster.

Next place violet-flame spheres over each organ in your body. See them remove all darkness in and around your organs and consume it instantly. Then see the violet flame make your organs perfect.

Ask your God Presence, Holy Christ Self and the violet-flame angels to sustain these violet-flame spheres all day. Reinforce your request with periodic visualization of the spheres. Experiment!

 Give Daily Violet Flame

You receive the greatest benefit if you set aside fifteen minutes a day to give violet flame decrees without interruption.

The best time to give decrees is in the early morning because your day will go much smoother.  Make specific requests to transmute all issues you are dealing with in your life.

Use the Violet Flame to Heal Records of Past Lives

At some point you may find yourself recalling past lives. Once this happens, the karma (positive and negative) of that life comes up for transmutation.

If the records are painful, you may feel sadness or regret. If this happens, do not suppress the feelings. Instead, make calls to your violet-flame angels each day to transmute the karmic records.

As you give violet flame decrees, focus on the light in your heart. Imagine the record being saturated with the violet flame until it disappears. Then let go of the memory and let a bright white sun replace it in your mind’s eye.

Help Clean up Karmic Debris in Your Home, Your Neighborhood, City and Planet

Practice directing the violet flame to help others. Think of your aura as a violet-flame fountain where everyone can come and drink. The violet flame can dissolve group or planetary karma from such things as war or injustice.

You can be one of the thousands of people who have transformed their lives with this miracle solvent.

The Violet Flame is the highest gift of God. It’s up to you to use it!

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