There seems to be a curious belief that anyone can and will win their ascension.
Unfortunately, this is not the case. No one is just handed their ascension.

There are in fact,
specific requirements to win your ascension.

The Wikipedia definition of Ascension is: “Ascension”, “Assumption”, or “Translation”, the belief in some religions that some individuals have ascended into Heaven without dying first.”

This reference has no real understanding of the spiritual mystical tradition or the correct interpretation of the ascension.

Win Your Ascension – How it Happens

The Ascension happens after you have fulfilled the requirements for the ascension.
And what it really means is you no longer have to re-embody or return to physical embodiment;
not that you have “ascended into Heaven without dying first.”

You have to leave your physical body behind – you die –
and now you live in spirit,
as an ascended master in the level of the etheric plane
after you have won your ascension.

The ascension is real and it is a goal for people of God,
whether they are aware of it or not.
There are multiple records in the Bible of people who ascended ‘back to God.’

Jesus ascended 40 days after he was crucified.
He returned in his Light body and taught inner mysteries to his disciples for forty days.
Mother Mary ascended at the end of her life, although the Bible calls it ‘assumption.’
But this is no different from the Ascension.
Elijah ascended into heaven in a chariot of fire.

And so the record is given that
people have ascended and will continue to ascend.
In fact, in order for the earth to continue, there must be one ascension a year…

The ascension in not something that will just happen to masses of people. A mass ascension has never happened during earth’s history, nor will it happen.

You gain your ascension because:
1) you have passed your tests here on earth,
2) you have balanced your karma and
3) you have fulfilled the work you agreed to do while here on earth.

Ascension Path back to God

The ascension is something you win,
much as prizes are awarded for effort in school.
(In fact, the school room of earth can be compared to being a kindergarten level.
In other words, a lot of people have to choose to grow up in God).

In order for you to get off the round of reincarnation,
which is returning in embodiment again and again,
you have to pass the tests and trials
you are given because you misused the energy of God.

You, a soul, continue to embody or reincarnate in a new body each new lifetime,
until you pass your tests by correctly using the energy you are given.

Most importantly, you have learned how to love.
Love is and always will be the key to winning your ascension.
You must win your ascension to graduate from earth, so you do not have to re-embody or reincarnate again.

I pity the people who believe we only ever live one life.
This lie has been perpetuated for generations within the orthodox Christian churches.
Who ever lives such a perfect life in one lifetime that they win their ascension?

Jesus himself had multiple lifetimes
as he perfected himself
so he would be the example he was
in his final embodiment as Jesus, The Christ.

Only when you win your ascension
do you graduate from earth and
never again have to reincarnate.
You win your ascension over lifetimes and
it takes work.

The life of Jesus is the best known example of
the types of tests, trials and initiations you might experience while you work on winning your ascension.
You will most likely have similar experiences comparable to what he went through.

Jesus is our example of the person we are all intended to become.
He is the example of ‘The Christ’.
We are all expected to put on our Higher Self, known as our ‘Christ Self.’
Or, our ‘Buddha Self,’ or our ‘Krishna Self.’

The Holy Christ Self

Tests & Initiations to Win Your Ascension

You will be disliked, people will attempt to use and abuse you in many different ways,
you will be crucified – although not on a cross.
Your crucifixion will be an emotional and mental one because
you must shed all parts of you that are less than perfection.

And the list of what you may expect goes on.
Examine the stories of what happened to Jesus and
you can extrapolate the type of experiences you may have.

Or read stories about the saints.

Padre Pio is a beautiful example of a recently
living saint who won his ascension.

When I took up the biography about Padre Pio
(who is now an Ascended Master),
he briefly visited me while I was reading:
Padre Pio: The True Story by C. Bernard Ruffin.
I saw him for just a second and then he was gone.
What I believe is that this book
ties you to his ascended consciousness and
he visits you to see if you need his help in any way.

Ascended Master Padre Pio

You have to learn how to love,
you have to learn how to serve others
without thought of the sacrifices you are making.
Learn how to surrender anything not necessary to being the best you,
to truly manifest your Higher Self.

Sacrifice will be required as well as selflessness, surrender and service to others.
These four qualities go a long way to helping you balance your karma and to win your ascension.

Your karma is a major block standing between you and winning your ascension.
The easiest way to balance your karma is
to take up the violet flame and
begin to give violet flame decrees every day…

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