You must be able to look at things, records, people, situations, longings, unfulfilled expectations and say to them all:

“I am a God-free being complete in myself in the heart of God. I do not need this. I do not need that. I do not need the next thing. Others may need my belongings. Let them have them. I am a being of Love and Love’s resurrection. I will give Love and all else I have I shall give away.”

Be God-free, beloved, for in the way of life in this decade you may more easily meet an angel or an Ascended Master walking down the street than a discarnate entity–if you keep the ring of fire round about you. Let your presence be fierce in Divine Love, perpetually repelling negative forces!  They come to steal your Light. Do not be entertained by them nor entertain them.

Move with definiteness of purpose! Move with the inner vision.

Keep Awareness You are a Sphere of Light…

You are a compartment of God’s consciousness and we use you twenty-four hours a day to bring Light, Light, Light – Light of the Central Sun, Light of the Sacred Heart, Light of your Holy Christ Self to all servants of God in the earth.

Be a sending and receiving station. Be a beacon in the night. Be a pillar of fire and a lighthouse on the rock!  Many have need of your heart’s love.

I call you to the role of angel, of Ascended Master and of teacher. I call you, beloved.

Adapted from Lady Master Nada. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 34 No. 12

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