You are the Handiwork of God
Be an Alchemist of the Spirit

“The Energies of the Soul Raised to the Third Eye

Sealed in an ovoid of light, the energies of the seat-of-the-soul chakra rise to the level of the third eye for the fulfillment of the promise of the City Foursquare. Now let the ascending triangle of the seventh ray merge with the descending triangle of the fifth ray for the alchemy of the violet flame and the precipitation of the green flame that produce the mastery of the air element in the plane of the mind.

To see is to be, and to be is to see.

When you raise up the energies of the soul and of your solar awareness to the plane of the all-seeing eye and when you have the balance of love and wisdom converging at the point of reality, you become an alchemist of the Spirit in the planes of Matter.

You who are the handiwork of God,

  • by a little self-discipline,
  • by a little self-sacrifice,

can come into the inheritance of the children of Israel and
behold in the tabernacle of being
the coming of the City Foursquare.”


Djwal Kul. Pearls of Wisdom, V17, N46.

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