healing thoughtform

How to Heal Yourself Using the Healing Thoughtform

...if you would heal and be healed, you must transmute all elements of your being that do not carry the wavelength of the components of the Healing Thoughtform, which consists of three concentric spheres–from the outer to the inner: the green, the blue and the white.
throat chakra power spoken word

Use Sound for Spiritual Healing

You send energy out into the world. Sooner or later that energy returns to you.This is the law of sowing and reaping, also known as the law of karma.
violet flame decree visualization

How to Use the Violet Singing Flame

Practice directing the violet flame to help others. The violet flame can dissolve group or planetary karma from war or injustice. You can transform your life with this miracle solvent. The Violet Flame is the highest gift of God. It's up to you to use it!