Secrets to Unfolding Your Latent Divinity

It is Time to Escape out of Your Human Experience and Walk the Inner Path

Unfolding Your Latent Divinity. . .

Wake up dear hearts
And hear the voice of one crying in the wilderness

(The wilderness is the material world)

Crying crying – the inner voice is saying

It is time, the time is now
To return to

The Inner Walk with God. . .

It is the ascension which is the goal of life
It does not happen automatically
There is a path to follow

Ascension currents are residual within all men
In whom dwells the seed of God

This image is you as the tree
The Tree of Life
You as the Divine Self
Over which flow the currents of immortal life.

It is time for you to uncover your alchemy of the self

The mystery of the Ascension is attained
By the realization of the Real Man
That flaming Spirit
Yet creating

The Presence of God individualized as True Being is “I AM.”

This is the Presence of Life
Individualized reality for your soul

The real meaning of the soul
Is “Solar-El”
The latent Power of the Divine Angel within Man.

The Solar-El is the infinite idea of God
Projected by divine light
Through the seven densities of creation, including the angelic realm
Evolving as the evolution of divine energy. . .

There is a world of Cosmic Magic
The Magic of believing in the Power of the original Intent of God. . .

That which men deem to be life and
Hold to be real is not
The reality with which God will bless mankind.

True love is love for the God flame

It holds no other desire save the expectation of
Amplification of that flame
As a tangible, divine feeling

Which sweeps the world pure and clean
With the washing of the water by the Word. . .

Serapis Bey. (1967). Pearls of Wisdom, V10N13.

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Angels are Your Helpers from God

are angels with us

Angels are Your Helpers
Sent from God

Their assignment is to help you according to God’s Will. God sends angels as helpers for every task and project you have. Angels are just a thought away, they are always with us when you send them loving thoughts and feelings.

In other words, anything and everything you

  • ask,
  • pray for,
  • think about,
  • write about,
  • request in any form
  • can be fulfilled by and through the work of angels.

The one qualifier is whether it is within the will of God. Angels will not do anything not in line with God’s will.

How do You Know What is God’s Will?

  • Is it good, helpful, kind, and any other virtue of goodness (godliness)?
  • Then it is God’s Will.
  • Does it help others? – Then it is God’s Will.

You always know in your heart when you are not acting well towards others. It is those times you step outside of the Will of God and his goodness.

Angels are Your Servants, They Help with Everything

They will help you accomplish all tasks, work, projects. What ever you need to get your work done, an angel or more than one will help you. You are the physical vessel, the angel works as the heavenly vessel to get the work done.

How can You Get Their Help?

It’s easy – ask them.

The easiest way to get their attention is to ask for their help out loud. You can ask in the form of a prayer, a song, a letter (that you burn), or a request made out loud. All these ways let the angels know you want their help.

Some people can see angels. Some of us see them sometimes, usually in times of need. Angels will comfort you, heal you, get you out of dangerous situations, take you to higher planes for service outside your physical body during sleep.

The more love you give, the more you dwell in your heart, the more you can be loving and kind towards others, the more the angels want to help you. These dear beings of God respond best to those in whom love dwells.

And you will know the Love of God and His Angels.

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Use Sound for Spiritual Healing

throat chakra power spoken word

We live in a Spirit-Matter Cosmos.

Matter – the physical plane, is a mirror for the plane of Spirit. One principle of healing is every illness has a cause. That cause begins in the level of Spirit. You get sick due to imbalances in your spiritual body, also called your Etheric Body. Learn the science of the spoken word for spiritual healing. Sound as words of God can be used for spiritual healing.

You are a great spiritual being who is having a human experience.

You have created karma which you are responsible to transmute or change from negative energy into positive energy. You can change all wrongs you have ever done into positive energy using sound to heal yourself and everyone else.

Everything here in the physical has a counterpoint in heaven.

You send energy out into the world. Sooner or later that energy returns to you. This is the law of sowing and reaping, also known as the law of karma.

If the energy you sent out was negative, you get some form of negativity returning to your doorstep. One way negative energy returns is through sickness. You have to balance the negative energy and you have chosen to get sick. It may take awhile to get better. Unfortunately, you might never get better during this life.

Sound can be used for spiritual healing.

By understanding you are sick because of spiritual imbalance it is possible to change and become balanced using

the science of the spoken word as decrees.

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Simple Keys to Enlightenment

spiritual enlightenment

Keys to Becoming a Buddha and Earning Enlightenment are Simple

Spiritual enlightenment takes time, perseverance and the willingness to keep on trying. Buddha spent years on different paths of spiritual discipline before he discovered what he was searching for. Once he attained spiritual enlightenment, he preached for forty-five years creating the foundation of Buddhism.

The Buddhic Essence—Seven Steps to Becoming a Buddha

Steps Gautama Buddha Followed:

  1. He gave up all he owned
  2. He gave up his friends and family
  3. He put his total attention on God, his Mighty I AM Presence
  4. He became one with the mind of God
  5. He passed his tests, all the temptations put before him
  6. He achieved spiritual enlightenment: He became one with the Buddhic level of the mind of God.
  7. He returned to earth to teach. What he taught is the Middle Way.

Gautama Buddha tells us:

There are some who are born to be the Christ and there are some who are born to be the Buddha. Who is Christ?  Who is Buddha?  Who are you?  Why were you born?  To be man, to be woman, to be father, to be mother. Yes, this and more.

To be the Christ or to be the Buddha where you are, you must know that that is the goal of life for you.

…Hence the vision of the goal inspires the soul to determine ways and means of attaining the goal. Thus the Eightfold Path was born out of my communion with the Most High God–a communion that was a supreme compassion, a deep desire to show mankind how to return to the center of God-reality in which I found myself immersed.


The path of the Buddha is also the way of the Holy Spirit–of caduceus rising and fourfold mastery of planes of consciousness. The way of the Buddha is the adoration of the Mother. It is the child adoring the Mother, the Mother adoring the child. It is God enveloping man and man enveloping God, the Lover and the beloved fused as one life even as the Knower becomes the known and the known becomes the Knower. I would teach you of wholeness, of God as one and of God as twin flames, of God as one and God as three-in-one, of God as one and God as four, and on and on, until God, as numberless numbers, transcends all numbers and becomes the Infinite One. Infinity born again and again in you is God realized through and through.

Hail, Gautama Buddha! A Musical Meditation on the Buddha.

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