Key to Inner Power -The Small Voice of Your Heart

To find your source of inner power, listen to the still small voice from your heart. When you pay attention and then act, this source of information will unerringly lead you to the best possible results.

Your still small voice is the intuitive knowing of your heart that brings with it feelings of love, peace and knowing the right way to go, the correct choice to make.

You access this still small voice by:

  • Quieting your mind
  • Entering Your Heart
  • Focus on sending out love from your Heart.

Connect with your Heart to Solve all Problems

Instead of trying to solve problems in your head, stop.

Connect with your heart and listen for your still small voice. Then, follow the instructions your inner voice gives you.

As you work on this you will find it easier, more effective and the choices you make will be better. Your inner voice becomes louder, clearer, and easier to hear the more you practice.

Heart and Mind Together Create Your World

Your heart is key to unlocking intuition and intelligent understanding in your life. Your heart brings with it the highest intelligence, a power that illumines understanding.

Total understanding comes only from your heart.

Your mind is illumined when it serves as a second in command to the heart. Your heart and mind work together to create your world.

Using your heart as the director for big and small decisions, you start to realize that all of life is opportunity. Opportunity either for empowerment and wise use of energy, or self-victimization and stress. It really is your choice.

Listen and Act on What Your Heart Tells You

As you listen and act on what your heart tells you, you begin to harmonize your mental and emotional nature to find better balance and fulfillment.

It is your choice where you put your attention. Paying attention and making good choices is self empowerment. When you get a clear understanding, you can choose to act and carry out what you know is true.

Correct Imbalances and Become a New You!

You can achieve balance by listening to your heart and self correcting your out-of-balance thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

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