Understanding the Dual Nature of the Planets

Each planet has a positive side. This is the manifestation of higher qualities, leading to a higher understanding of the planets’ possibilities. This is using astrology as a spiritual tool. When you use astrology a spiritual tool you interpret positive benefits and plan what is needed for your personal spiritual growth.

With a positive understanding of the beneficial aspects of any planet, you can make the right choice when you face a test under the sign of the planet.

Each planet in astrology has a negative side: it manifests qualities of a lower nature and it is possible to stress those negative aspects. This would not be the best use for astrology as a spiritual tool.

Let me explain further.

I gathered much of this information from Making the Gods Work for You by Caroline Casey. I attempt to understand a planet based on its highest possibility in terms of virtues and qualities. This helps to determine what would be the God-qualities of a given planet in order to understand what tests I might face in a given situation.

Caroline’s book begins with Saturn and sets about to correct our attitude towards Saturn.

Saturn can be regarded as our disciplinarian. In order for us to correctly author or have authority over our life, discipline is necessary.

The key to discipline is being a disciple.

Where are you a disciple?

Where in your life have you chosen to be a disciple? Many people in the west choose materialism, pursuing career as the defining factor in their life. This is where they discipline themselves.

Another discipline is pursuit of a spiritual path.

Mars is another planet challenging us to come out of its negative interpretation and rise up higher to a better and deeper understanding of the possibilities of its nature.

Mars is a planet of action. It can help you focus on the area where you need or want to take action and put the drive behind your action so you accomplish all the tasks necessary for its fulfillment.

Neptune is the planet of the mystic. It uses vision as its means with inspiration and illumination coming during times of introspection and meditation. As a Pisces whose ruling planet is Neptune, I must eliminate any tendency to escapism and illusion (negative aspects of Neptune) and become the Visionary Mystic I am capable of being. Changing chaos into compassionate inspiration requires focus and refinement.

Pluto as the planet of transformation carries with it seeds to deep and profound change. When we resist change we are tripped up.

The motto of Pluto might be: Not my will, but Thine be done. Surrendering personal desires to the dreams of Heaven, God’s desiring for us allows a passage through the stripping action of Pluto to be smoother.

The action of the Holy Spirit is one of stripping us of all not like Christ. We are stripped and transformed. What is taken is what cannot survive the fire. What is left allows us to come up higher. Not my will, but Thine be done.

After destruction comes transformation, followed by regeneration. All actions under the realm of Pluto.

Astrology A Spiritual Tool

There is much more . . . Another wonderful teaching is about the Cosmic Clock.

Cosmic Clock

Cosmic Clock

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